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Resistance Tubes (Set of 3)
Resistance Tubes (Set of 3) Rs. 799.00 Rs. 3,000.00
Resistance Tubes (Set of 3) with Door Anchor,Cushioned Handles,Ankle strap, Chart & Carry Bag The Resistance Toning Tube set perfectly suits your fitness goals and helps you train Full-Body. Train on your core, back, bicep, shoulders, glutes, hamstrings, chest. This resistance tube set can be used for Pilates,CrossFit, strength training, stretching. Product Specification   Premium Quality Resistance Tube Set For Workout Joyfit resistance tubes set is made with 100% Natural Latex. This set is designed to withstand intense pressure and force. Resistance tube is 145cm long in total with 125cm tube only length.     Stackable Resistance Tubes Joyfit resistance tubes set -come as a set of 3 colour coded toning tubes. The resistance tube has different resistance levels. Yellow 10 LBS, Black 40 LBS, Red 50 LBS .Resistance bands can be used alone, or stack used together with up to 100 LBS to meet your different exercise needs. Sturdier Door Anchor The door anchor is 26 cm long and is made up of neoprene material and comes with a dense cushion for added support. It is designed to hold up the exercise tubes during your workout. Anti Slip Handles The handles of the Joyfit toning tube set designed to give a comfortable grip. The foam handles are cushioned with sweatproof and skidproof technology. Ankle Straps The ankle straps give you freedom to perform exercises with ease, helping to tone up and improve stabilisation in the lower body muscles. The ankle straps can be fixed easily with the resistance tubes. Strong Metal carabiner   The toning tubes are designed with a strong metal carabiner at the end of the tube, which helps in easy and hassle free attachment of tubes to the handles, ankle strap. The hook makes stacking of tubes convenient.  Anytime Feasible Fitness The resistance tube set is all you need for a perfect full body workout. These toning tubes have lots of potential for different workouts and they are easy to use at home or get easily adjusted in the backpack to get in a quick stretch or exercise when needed. Download a complete guide from here:- https://joyfit.in/pages/e-book   Package Items  This Joyfit resistance toning tubes exercise combo includes: ✅  3 colour coded toning tubes. ✅  2 Foam Cushioned Handles ✅  2 Ankle Straps ✅  1 Door Anchor ✅  1 Exclusive Workout chart ✅  1 Polyester carry bag  
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Adjustable Resistance Tubes from Rs. 299.00 Rs. 1,100.00
Adjustable Resistance Tubes with Door Anchor for Home Workout Get a gym-like physique from the comfort of your home with Joyfit's adjustable extra-strong resistance tubes. Now you can tone up your body, build muscles and lose fats anytime anywhere without a gym membership or heavy equipment. This adjustable resistance tube will allow you to do a whole-body workout in less than 20 minutes a day that helps you strengthen your upper body, legs, abs, and arms. In short, just a 20-minute workout a day will transform your body and keep you in shape! The best thing about the resistance tubes is that you can carry them wherever you go, be it your office, your home, a gym, or on a trip. Now you have no reason for skipping your workout regime, right? Joyfit resistance tube is made with 100% Natural Latex, which makes the toning tube extra-stronger and capable of more stretches. It comes with a 123cm tube length and 4cm thickness. The resistance tube is built with stronger, more comfortable handles to support heavyweight, last longer, and give you a smooth feel as you workout.  Joyfit resistance and toning workout bands are super versatile and can be used for different types of exercises like Crossfit Training, Pilates, Yoga, Physiotherapy, Strengthening, and Toning. This workout band comes with knobs to adjust the length and can be used by both men and women of all age groups alike. A Door Anchor is provided with the bundle. RESISTANCE TUBE FEATURES Anti Snap Resistance Tubes   Joyfit resistance exercise tubes are made with the finest quality of 100% Natural Latex, Rubber, which makes the toning tube capable of more stretches to last longer.  Door Anchor  Joyfit resistance tubes combo pack comes along with a door anchor to hold up the exercise tubes during your workout. Door Anchor helps workout with the desired weight hassle-free.  Adjustable Knob  The toning tubes are designed with an adjustable knob at the end of the handle, which can be used to adjust the length of the resistance tube according to the exercise needs.  Different level resistance tubes The Joyfit resistance tube comes with different resistance levels. You can choose the resistance band suitable for your fitness needs from Yellow 3-5kgs, Green 10-12kgs, Red 5-7kgs, Blue 7-10kgs, Black 12-14kgs.   For everyday use The resistance tube aligns perfectly with your exercise routine making it more challenging. The single toning tube is easy to carry. The Resistance Toning Tube perfectly suits your fitness goals. It is perfect to train on full body and can be integrated with popular workout programs.      If You Order Joyfit Adjustable Resistance Tubes Today, You'll Get A Bonus Full-Body Workout Guide For FREE The guide will help you achieve your desired physique using resistance tubes way quicker than you can imagine. All you have to do is follow the workout plan consistently. The Guide Consists of - - A Systematic Full-Body Workout Plan- The Science Behind Muscle Gain & Fat Loss- 37+ Different Workouts With Resistance Tubes- Training For Your Upper Body, Core & Leg Muscles Take The First Step of Transforming Your Body. BUY YOUR RESISTANCE TUBES NOW!
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Ab Roller Machine for Strength Training
Ab Roller Machine for Strength Training Rs. 999.00 Rs. 2,000.00
Abs Roller Machine with Wheels, Rubber Stopper, And Foam Knee Pad The 4 wheeler system of this roller wheel is excellent to provide overall rolling motion, best suited for beginners. The comfortable grips minimize hand fatigue while remaining slip-free even in the sweatiest workout. A high-quality foam knee mat also comes with the package, so that your knees do not hurt while working out. Specifications Supreme quality built- Rubberized, soft, comfortable and sweat-free grip. The textured wheels have a strong grip and are skid resistant. Solid built, thus strong and durable. Perfect for abs exercises and core training- Strengthens and tones the entire body by hitting the abs, core, torso, shoulders, arms, upper and lower back. Comes with a foam knee pad- Package contains a bonus workout mat- to keep your knee from getting bruised. Rubber Stopper- Stopper enables the user to control the distance between the roller and the knees. Comfortable 4 wheels system- 4 Wheels System, provides excellent overall rolling motion stability. Wheels have ball bearings and are joined by a metal rod. Can be used by beginners as well- Perfect for beginners, can be used for advanced challenging difficult variations as well.  
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Push Up board
10-in-1 Multi Functional Push Up Rack System Rs. 1,999.00 Rs. 5,000.00
Multi-Functional Push Up Rack System with Resistance Tube Some of the most fundamental bodyweight strength exercises are push ups. Push ups help develop the necessary stamina, upper body, and core strength for intense workouts. The Joyfit Push Up Boards come with Resistance Training Tubes that not only provide Best Optimized settings to help train the upper body but also train your lower body muscles for an effective workout. Product Specification  Multi Dimensional 10 in 1 Push Up Board The Multi-functional system of the Joyfit Push up Boards will allow you to perform your push ups in 10 different variations, each targeted to develop a specific muscle group. You can fix the handles along the colour coded lines to hit your Chest and shoulder (Red Lines), Triceps (Green Lines) and Back (Yellow Lines) Muscles. The slots and lines are strategically placed to efficiently train upper body muscles. The lines are colour coded to help you target the right muscle group: Red Line: Shoulder Muscles Yellow Line: Back Muscles Green Line: Triceps Muscles Resistance Tubes for Full Body Workout The Resistance Tubes (10 lbs) help in training your whole-body muscles. You can perform various light exercises such as Bicep Curls, Chest Press, Hamstring Curls etc. High-Quality Material  The Joyfit Push-up board is made with high-quality ABS plastic which makes the equipment strong and durable. The handles of the Push up board are made with ABS material too for additional strength and support. The 100% natural latex of the resistance tube makes it highly elastic and maintains its flexibility for a long time. The Resistance Tubes can be attached to the Push Up Board with the help of stainless steel hooks present in the rack.The Non-slip rubber grips help keep the push up rack in place and do not slip during intense workouts. Ergonomic Anti Skid Design The Joyfit Push up board is designed for efficiency. The boards of the push up rack are made easy to detach and attach through inbuilt clips. This makes the push up highly compact and easy to store. The two heavy duty handles, conveniently attach with the given slots for push ups. The length and thickness of the resistance bands are optimized to provide a good workout. The rubber grips on the bottom keep the board from slipping while performing intense workouts Whole body Workout In addition to providing strength to the chest, shoulder, tricep and back muscles, the Joyfit Push up board gives you a proper body alignment and can effectively tone your abs and legs as well. With the Resistance Band, Add many new exercises to train your hamstrings, glutes and calves along with your upper body and abdominal muscles. The Joyfit Push up stand accurately engages all major body muscles for improved strength and definition. Portable and Easy to Use The foldable design of the Joyfit Pushup Board makes it highly compact and it can be carried around with ease. Whether you are working out in the gym or at your home, you can store our pushup exercise rack with other fitness equipment. The simple yet effective build of the Joyfit Push up board makes it very easy for use by both men and women. Easy Assembly Our Pushup Racks have a very easy assembly design and are built to give a hassle free experience.The Joyfit Push up board can be assembled easily and can also be detached after use. The compact design makes the Joyfit Push up Board easy to store and carry. The ease of use makes them suitable for usage by both men and women. Package Contains: ✅ 1 Pushup Board ✅ 1 Rubber Grip Strap ✅ 2 Resistance Tubes (10lbs) ✅ 1 pair handles   Download a complete guide from here:- https://joyfit.in/pages/e-book    
Stackable Resistance Tube
Stackable Resistance Tube from Rs. 274.00 Rs. 1,000.00
Stackable Resistance Tube With Door Anchor And Workout Chart For Toning The Joyfit resistance tube set perfectly suits your fitness goals and helps you train Full-Body. Train on your core, back, bicep, shoulders, glutes, hamstrings, chest. This resistance tube set can be used for Pilates,CrossFit, strength training, stretching. Resistance tube comes with a 123cm tube length and 4cm thickness. The resistance tube is built with stronger Handles to support heavyweight and last longer. Product Features  Premium Material The Joyfit resistance exercise tubes are crafted to withstand any amount of pressure to give you best-desired results. The Joyfit Resistance Toning Tube is made with 100% Natural Latex which makes it highly strong and elastic. The resistance tube is skillfully constructed and is built to last.  Designed for Optimum Performance The Joyfit Toning tubes are designed for an efficient workout. The metal hooks at the end of the tube help it attach efficiently to the handles. You can stack multiple resistance tubes together and take your resistance training up a notch. The resistance toning tubes are made thicker which prevents any wear and tear in the tube. Choose Resistance Level  Joyfit Resistance tube for workout is one-stop solution for all fitness needs. The resistance bands come with 5 resistance levels colour coded as Yellow (10 lbs), Blue (20 lbs), Green (30 lbs), Black (40 lbs), Red (50 lbs). The wide range of resistance levels helps you pick the right tube as per your capability and comfort. Whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced, you can always find the right tension level for your workouts.  Flexibility The 100% natural latex material of the Joyfit Stackable Toning tube makes it highly flexible and does not lose the tension for a long time. Stackable Tube Our resistance toning tube comes with a solid stainless steel hook which makes it stackable with other JoyFIt Toning Tubes. You can use either one or stack them together to challenge your muscles.   For everyday use The resistance tubes align perfectly with your routine exercise making it more challenging. The JoyFit carry bag included makes it easy to carry and travel with it anywhere. Sturdy Door Anchor The door anchor is made up of neoprene material and comes with a dense cushion for added support. Comfortable Foam Handles The handles of the Joyfit toning tube set designed to give a comfortable grip. The foam handles are cushioned with sweatproof and skidproof technology.  Package Includes: ✅  1 stackable Toning tube ✅  1 Door Anchor ✅  1 workout chart ✅  2 Foam handles   Download a complete guide from here:- https://joyfit.in/pages/e-book      
Detachable Pilates Bar
Detachable Pilates Bar from Rs. 599.00 Rs. 2,000.00
Detachable Pilates Bar with Resistance Tubes Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. Pilates moves tend to target the core, although the exercises work other areas of your body as well. The Joyfit Portable Pilates Bar has wide applications in Pilates, Yoga, Resistance Training, and many other fitness training programs. This detachable and compact Pilates fitness bar is easy to carry and provides a whole-body workout at any place. Product Specification Durable and Super Elastic The Joyfit Pilates Bar kit is built with stainless steel rod wrapped with soft foam. The stainless steel rod provides high strength and durability and the soft foam provides a comfortable grip. The resistance bands are made with high-quality elastic bands that have strong durability and excellent resilience. The foot straps are made with high-quality TPE straps which can support any amount of tension while working out. Ergonomic design Our Pilates Fitness Bar is made with an efficient two-stage detachable design that can be easily set up and detached. The total length of the Joyfit Pilates Bar after assembly is 92 cm. The broad foot loops comfortably fit all adult foot sizes. The thick foam wrapping on the pilates bar helps with easy hold and good grip. Complete Body Kit Hit all the major muscle groups and improve strength. Our pilates exercise kit can simulate all major gym exercises and can replace barbell, resistance tube, or twisting machines to perform squats, bench presses, curls, rowing, etc. Suitable for any Fitness Level Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or an expert, the Joyfit Portable Pilates Kit makes your workout experience better through its easy setup and efficient design. It can be used for Yoga, Stretching and even simulates some strength training routines such as Resistance Training in the gym. The Joyfit exercise Pilates Stick can help you achieve your fitness goals easily. Easy Detachment and Assembly  The Joyfit Pilates Workout Bar can be easily disassembled into two parts which makes it very compact. You can store the fitness kit with your fitness equipment or carry to the gym. The compact plates bar can easily be carried while traveling and are perfect for workouts on the go. The Easy Assembly of the Joyfit Pilates Bar makes them perfect for both men and women.    PACKAGE CONSISTS OF: Pilates Bar Set COLORS AVAILABLE: Pink and Blue
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Premium Ab Roller for Core Strength
Premium Ab Roller for Core Strength Rs. 749.00 Rs. 3,000.00
Ab Roller- Non-Skid Ab Wheel Roller For Abdominal And Core Workout Ab Rollers are one of the most common and versatile core training fitness equipment out there. The prime reason why they are popular is because they train the whole core that includes both abs, lower back and the obliques.  The Joyfit Ab Roller Wheel is a Multi Abdominal Core Exerciser engineered for a good ab workout. Here’s why we are preferred by many fitness trainers and trainees. Features Premium Quality Steel Frame  The Joyfit Ab Wheel Rollers are made with strong and durable industrial grade steel framework which makes it strong and durable. A strong PVC layer coated with premium quality rubber makes the ab roller perfect to endure intense workouts. The ab roller handles are made with comfortable EVA foam that ensures safety and comfort. Our ab roller comes with a knee pad to protect your knees when you are working out. Non Skid Design The Wheel of the JoyFIt Ab roller is balanced at the exact centre of the bar which keeps the wheel from wobbling and and maintains body balance. The non-skid pattern on the wheels help the ab roller stay stable in any flat surface for smooth controlled movements. Comfortable Knee Pad The Joyfit Ab Roller comes with a comfortable knee pad to help protect your knee when you are using our ab roller. Versatile Usage The Joyfit Ab Roller Wheel takes care of your complete abs muscles, even the lower abs which are usually hard to target. Our ab rollers not only help you shape up your abs but, they are also perfect for toning legs, shoulders, arms and back with a variety of exercises such as ab wheel planks, straight and inclined roll outs, etc. Strong & Sturdy The strongly built Workout Roller Wheel can take any body weight and can be used at different angles. The simple and effective build of the workout Roller Wheel, makes it perfect for men and women. 
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Adjustable Fitness Bench
Adjustable Fitness Bench Rs. 9,999.00 Rs. 15,000.00
JoyFit Fitness Bench: Redefine Your Exercise Experience with our Multi-Functional Adjustable Bench! Revamp your fitness routine with our premium adjustable bench press, offering unparalleled versatility and durability. Achieve your workout goals effortlessly with its multi-angle design, crafted from high-density foam pads and commercial-grade steel for maximum comfort and stability. Enjoy easy assembly and convenient storage, making it an ideal addition to any home gym setup. With its slip-resistant grips and secure foam rollers, our incline/decline bench is the ultimate choice for fitness enthusiasts at any level. Elevate your workouts with our reliable and adaptable workout companion today!" 1. Versatile Bench for Varied Workouts: Our adjustable bench offers a multitude of exercise possibilities with a 4-position adjustable seat cushion and a 6-position adjustable back pad. It adapts to various exercise levels, allowing you to achieve your fitness goals efficiently. An ideal choice for both beginners and intermediate fitness enthusiasts.2. Superior Quality for Effective Workouts: Crafted with high-density foam pads and heavy-duty commercial-grade steel, our weight bench ensures optimal comfort and robust stability. The diagonal braided leather not only adds a touch of texture but also enhances durability for long-term use.3. Effortless Assembly and Convenient Storage: Enjoy hassle-free assembly and storage with our utility weight bench. Its user-friendly design allows for easy folding and portability. After your workout, simply tuck it away in a corner or under the bed to save space.4. Sturdy Design for Enhanced Performance: Experience a sturdy and stable workout session with our impeccably designed incline/decline bench. The round, soft, and slip-resistant push-up and dip grips provide added comfort and safety. Additionally, the pivoting foam rollers securely hold your lower legs for hyperextension exercises and keep your feet in place during crunches.