The Pricing Policy of Joyfit details the design, production, and logistics of the products, along with customer data of the company. It also mentions about the quality of data collected by the company, it’s usage and storage. The second party (buyer) can choose one/any section of information as per their requirement.


Product Details, Pricing, and Payment

  • The products listed in the Joyfit website are priced according to the service supposed to be rendered by them.
  • The details of the products are mentioned in detail on the website, based on the effort, efficiency and the output of the service.
  • All the products listed on the website are and must be priced in INR.
  • Some of the products listed in our website are subject to normal wear and tear and can be used to their maximum output for a fixed duration. In such cases, this is clearly mentioned in the specification of the product.
  • Thus, the period of usage of the products varies from one another.
  • The products listed in Joyfit are priced after considering factors like product quality, service promised, service duration, built of the product and demand.
  • Thus, in no way, the price of Joyfit products reflect the prices of products from competitor brands, irrespective of the same built, color and function.
  • An ideal daily transaction on our website varies from INR 100 to 10000.

Return and Refunds

  • Customers can claim returns or refunds on any item bought from the Joyfit website if they do not meet their expected standards.
  • The returns and refunds are valid till 30 days, starting from the date of delivery.
  • The pick-ups of the products are subject to the geographical location of the customer, and not universal throughout the country.
  • Items in Wishlist and Shopping Cart reflect the current price displayed on the product’s page of the website and is subject to changes as per demand and supply of the same.
  • Products listed in the website are offered for sale by Joyfit solely and are not for resale. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse to sell to any person whom it believes may be purchasing for resale.

Customer Data- Usage and Storage

  • Joyfit collects the data of its customers to communicate with them regarding sales, offers and discount coupons.
  • Collection of data helps Joyfit to understand the need of the customer, and thus customize the product display accordingly.
  • Customer data also helps the company to get product feedback, and thus work on the overall performance and betterment of the company.
  • Customer data helps the company to get innovative with product ideas and designs, and thus introduce new fitness accessories in the market, often as desired by the customer base.
  • Joyfit ensures that all data stored in our database is kept secure by using the best available security regulations for data protection in the industry.
  • However, Joyfit may disclose data about accounts if requested by governmental agencies in case of an audit or in case of a security issue.
Customer data may also be shared by Joyfit to the relevant authorities in the case said a person is in violation of Joyfit’s terms and conditions.