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Ab Roller Machine for Strength Training - Joyfit
Ab Roller Machine for Strength Training Rs. 999.00 Rs. 2,000.00
Abs Roller Machine with Wheels, Rubber Stopper, And Foam Knee Pad The 4 wheeler system of this roller wheel is excellent to provide overall rolling motion, best suited for beginners. The comfortable grips minimize hand fatigue while remaining slip-free even in the sweatiest workout. A high-quality foam knee mat also comes with the package, so that your knees do not hurt while working out. Specifications Supreme quality built- Rubberized, soft, comfortable and sweat-free grip. The textured wheels have a strong grip and are skid resistant. Solid built, thus strong and durable. Perfect for abs exercises and core training- Strengthens and tones the entire body by hitting the abs, core, torso, shoulders, arms, upper and lower back. Comes with a foam knee pad- Package contains a bonus workout mat- to keep your knee from getting bruised. Rubber Stopper- Stopper enables the user to control the distance between the roller and the knees. Comfortable 4 wheels system- 4 Wheels System, provides excellent overall rolling motion stability. Wheels have ball bearings and are joined by a metal rod. Can be used by beginners as well- Perfect for beginners, can be used for advanced challenging difficult variations as well.  
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Premium Ab Roller for Core Strength - Joyfit
Premium Ab Roller for Core Strength Rs. 749.00 Rs. 3,000.00
Ab Roller- Non-Skid Ab Wheel Roller For Abdominal And Core Workout Ab Rollers are one of the most common and versatile core training fitness equipment out there. The prime reason why they are popular is because they train the whole core that includes both abs, lower back and the obliques.  The Joyfit Ab Roller Wheel is a Multi Abdominal Core Exerciser engineered for a good ab workout. Here’s why we are preferred by many fitness trainers and trainees. Features Premium Quality Steel Frame  The Joyfit Ab Wheel Rollers are made with strong and durable industrial grade steel framework which makes it strong and durable. A strong PVC layer coated with premium quality rubber makes the ab roller perfect to endure intense workouts. The ab roller handles are made with comfortable EVA foam that ensures safety and comfort. Our ab roller comes with a knee pad to protect your knees when you are working out. Non Skid Design The Wheel of the JoyFIt Ab roller is balanced at the exact centre of the bar which keeps the wheel from wobbling and and maintains body balance. The non-skid pattern on the wheels help the ab roller stay stable in any flat surface for smooth controlled movements. Comfortable Knee Pad The Joyfit Ab Roller comes with a comfortable knee pad to help protect your knee when you are using our ab roller. Versatile Usage The Joyfit Ab Roller Wheel takes care of your complete abs muscles, even the lower abs which are usually hard to target. Our ab rollers not only help you shape up your abs but, they are also perfect for toning legs, shoulders, arms and back with a variety of exercises such as ab wheel planks, straight and inclined roll outs, etc. Strong & Sturdy The strongly built Workout Roller Wheel can take any body weight and can be used at different angles. The simple and effective build of the workout Roller Wheel, makes it perfect for men and women.