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Suspension straps
Suspension Body Trainer/Strap Rs. 2,199.00 Rs. 5,000.00
Suspension Body Trainer/Strap with Door Anchor, Extension Strap, and Carry Bag This Suspension Fitness Trainer is a professional grade bodyweight trainer, best suited for suspension and resistance exercises at home. It comes with adjustable straps and clam buckles, that can be used to change the intensity and position of the workout. Customers can also use our pro Extender Strap to further lengthen the suspension straps. Specifications Adjustable- Adjustable straps and clam buckles to alter as per the intensity of workout. The intensity and pressure level can be altered as desired. Supreme quality built up- Strap is made of Latex Rubber and the door anchor is made of nylon. Heavy duty foam coated non-slippery handles for a strong grip. Super strength- Can hold up to 360 kgs of weight effortlessly. Package includes- Suspension Strap, Door Anchor, Extension Strap and Carry Bag.  
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Wall Mount Anchor with bolt and screws
Wall Mount Anchor with bolt and screws Rs. 1,499.00 Rs. 2,500.00
Wall Mount Anchor with bolt and screws for Suspension Strap, Battle Ropes Joyfit Suspension Straps Wall Mount Anchor is the best fitness accessory if you are looking to use resistance bands, suspension straps, CrossFit rings, battle ropes, Yoga Swings/Hammocks or Boxing equipment. This suspension strap comes with chrome coated, non-slippery, stainless steel grip wall anchor that has a capacity to hold over 340 kgs in suspension. Specifications Multipurpose design- It's multi functional, the Wall Mounting Anchor supports Suspension straps, Resistance Bands and Crossfit training Rings of all brands and types. Easy Installation/Mounting- 2 Sets of Screws Are Included in the package, for easy mounting of the suspension strap without any hassle. High strength- Can hold up to 340 kgs while in suspension. Dimensions- Base Diameter is 4 and 5/8". Available in two colors- Grey and Black.