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Adjustable Resistance Tube Combo (Set of 5)
Adjustable Resistance Tube Combo (Set of 5) Rs. 999.00 Rs. 2,000.00
Adjustable Resistance Tube Combo for All-In-One Fitness Workouts The Joyfit resistance tube set perfectly suits your fitness goals and helps you train Full-Body. Train on your core, back, bicep, shoulders, glutes, hamstrings, and chest. This resistance tube set can be used for Pilates, CrossFit, strength training, and stretching. The resistance tube comes with a 123cm tube length and 4cm thickness. The resistance tube is built with stronger Handles to support heavy weight and last longer. Product Features  Premium Material The Joyfit resistance exercise tubes are crafted to withstand any amount of pressure to give you the best-desired results. The Joyfit Resistance Toning Tube is made with 100% Natural Latex which makes it highly strong and elastic. The resistance tube is skillfully constructed and is built to last.  Designed for Optimum Performance The Joyfit Toning tubes are designed for an efficient workout. The metal hooks at the end of the tube help it attach efficiently to the handles. You can stack multiple resistance tubes together and take your resistance training up a notch. The resistance toning tubes are made thicker preventing any wear and tear in the tube. Choose Desired Resistance Level  Joyfit Resistance tube for workouts is the one-stop solution for all fitness needs. The resistance bands come with 5 resistance levels color-coded as Yellow (10 lbs), Blue (20 lbs), Green (30 lbs), Black (40 lbs), and Red (50 lbs). The wide range of resistance levels helps you pick the right tube as per your capability and comfort. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, you can always find the right tension level for your workouts.  Flexibility The 100% natural latex material of the Joyfit Stackable Toning tube makes it highly flexible and does not lose tension for a long time. For everyday use The resistance tubes align perfectly with your routine exercise making it more challenging. The JoyFit carry bag included makes it easy to carry and travel with it anywhere. Sturdy Door Anchor The door anchor is made up of neoprene material and comes with a dense cushion for added support. Comfortable Foam Handles The handles of the Joyfit toning tube set are designed to give a comfortable grip. The foam handles are cushioned with sweatproof and skidproof technology.  Package Includes: ✅  5 Resistance Tubes With Adjustable Handles ✅  1 Door Anchor ✅  1 workout chart   Download a complete guide from here:- https://joyfit.in/pages/e-book
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Adjustable Commercial Grade Benchpress
Adjustable Commercial Grade Benchpress Rs. 6,499.00 Rs. 8,999.00
Adjustable Dumbbell Bench for Bench Press with Flat and Incline Levels for Home/Gym Workout DESCRIPTION Workout benches are irreplaceable equipment in the gym or home because of their versatile usage. They provide the perfect base for weight training and strength training. The foldable design of the Joyfit bench press machine helps you perform exercises in different level positions. You can adjust our workout bench to be flat, or inclined, depending on the workout that you perform. It is ergonomically designed with comfortable cushioning and a sturdy, durable frame. The foldable design of the bench press machine saves a lot of space and you can easily store it in your home, apartment or gym. The Joyfit multi-purpose workout machine caters to men and women who wish to have professional training at home.  FEATURES Stable and Sturdy: The Joyfit Workout Bench has a high-grade steel frame that makes it strong and sturdy. The durable skeleton makes the bench press machine remain stable and carry a workout load of up to 150 kgs. The bench rest is built to offer stable support while targeting the weights towards specific body muscles. The square shape of the steel tube frame gives maximum stability to the body. Comfortable and Ergonomic Construction: The 50mm thick foam provides an excellent backrest which helps you perform more sets with comfort. The added thickness to the foam also adds cushion and comfort while exercising.  The leather cover comes with reinforced stitching which is resistant to wear and tear. The leather is resistant to sweating and does not lose its strength for a long time. Adjustable Design: The foldable design of the Joyfit bench press machine helps you perform exercises in a variety of positions. You can adjust our workout bench to be  flat or inclined, depending on the workout that you perform. The compact size of the bench makes it easy to use anywhere, be it gym or home. Versatile Workout Option: The Joyfit Bench press machine helps you target multiple muscle groups because of its adjustable design. It provides an all-in-one upper body toning wherein you can target your chest, abdominals, back, & arms. With our Exercise bench, you can perform numerous exercises such as bench press, military press, dumbbell row, sit-ups, etc. Easy to Store and Use: Our workout bench is extremely easy to use and perfect for workouts at home or the gym. You just have to fold it to the right level and start using it. Folding the bench press machine saves a lot of space and you can easily store it in your home gym or apartment. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 Seat Cushion, 1 Back Cushion, 4 Foot Sets, 2 Spring Knobs, 2 Spanners, Nuts, Bolts & Washers
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Best calf compression sleeves
Long Knee Compression Sleeve With Anti Slip Rs. 899.00 Rs. 1,500.00
Long Knee Compression Sleeve With Anti Slip Design, Premium Support for Thigh, Knee, and Calves The Joyfit Calf Compression Sleeves are made of breathable, comfortable, and durable fabric that delivers the perfect compression to your calves.  The Joyfit Calf Compression Sleeve is designed to cover from thigh to ankle and provide efficient compression to the major leg muscles and provide you with the most comfortable support and compression for both your sports performance and your regular day-to-day activities. Our leg sleeves are perfect for home and gym workouts, sports such as running, triathlon, football, basketball, and any other sport that requires intense movement.  This Sleeve helps reduce leg pain and provides the necessary support for remaining active throughout the practice, without worrying about muscle pain and soreness.  Key Features Premium Quality Material: Made with 85% polyester and 15% spandex with lycra, the Joyfit Calf Compression Sleeves are perfect for active usage. Our compression sleeves are stable and strong enough to give your legs extra support and provide premium comfort. The non-slip cuffs in the interior of our calf compression sleeves provide better hold and allow you to exercise without any discomfort.  Professional Grade Compression: Though breathable, our compression sleeve provides an efficient compression to help improve blood circulation throughout your leg muscles and enhance your performance in any athletic activity. The anti-slip silicone cuff of the Joyfit Calf Compression Sleeves helps it stay in place even in intense activity.  Recover Faster from Knee Pain: With Joyfit Calf Compression Sleeves, you experience much faster pain relief and recovery. The efficient elasticity helps enhance blood circulation, relieve muscle fatigue during running, and reduce stress and pain in the tibia.  Perfect for all Sports Activities: The Joyfit Calf Compression Sleeve is a must-have for any leg-intensive exercise. Be it a marathon, jogging, running, Hiking, Basketball, Cycling, Weightlifting, Fitness Training at Gym or Home. The versatility of our calf compression sleeve makes them perfect for use by both men and women.  Choose your Size for Best Experience: Our Calf sleeves come in four sizes (XL, L, M, & S) and the measurement and size details are provided in the size chart in the images. Pick your favorite one from the lot and start using it.   PACKAGE CONTAINS: 1 Pair Calf Compression Sleeves    
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joyfit yoga mat
Yoga Mat - 8mm Thick Rs. 999.00 Rs. 1,500.00
Yoga Mat-8mm Thick Waterproof, Anti-Slip, Anti-Skid for performing Fitness Exercises With double-sided non-slip surfaces, Joyfit All-Purpose Premium Exercise Yoga Mat comes with an excellent slip-resistant advantage to prevent injuries. The moisture-resistant technology makes the mat easily washable. This yoga mat is thick and the surface prevents injuries and stays sturdy even during difficult poses. Our Yoga mat is perfect for Sun Salutations, Vinyasa, Chair Poses, etc. It can also be used for stretching while working out in the gym or pilates. The double-sided texture gives you the freedom to customize your experience. While one side reduces slipping, and the other gives you extra cushion.  Specifications Durable built up- Made of high-quality NBR material and non-tear technology, it won’t rip, shred or stretch with use. The closed-cell surface locks out germs, dirt, and moisture to keep bacteria and stinky odors bay. Easy to wipe clean.  Perform your Asanas Efficiently- The extra-thick yoga and exercise mat helps you achieve elongated poses, balance, and comfort all at once. This Yoga mat is perfect for Sun Salutations, Vinyasa, Chair Poses, etc.  Broad Dimensions- The Yoga Mat is 183cm long and 80 cm wide which allows you to comfortably perform all the necessary exercises. The broad surface area also makes it usable for pilates, stretching, and warm-up exercises.  Has double Non-slip surface- The double-sided non-slip surfaces stop the mat from sliding. The subtly textured surface prevents hands and feet from slipping out of position.  Safe and Environment-Friendly- The Joyfit Yoga Mats are built with eco-friendly TPE rubber which is not only good for nature but also is good for your workout.  Portable and Easy to Carry- The Joyfit Yoga mat is highly portable and can be easily carried around with the Free carry bag included in the pack. PACKAGE CONTAINS- 1 Pc Yoga Mat and 1 Carry Bag  
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joyfit barbell
Stackable Barbell Set [20 Kgs] Rs. 7,999.00 Rs. 12,000.00
Stackable Barbell Set for Strength Training, Crossfit, and Full Body Workouts [20 Kgs] Barbells are one of the most versatile gym equipment. They are used to train almost every muscle group in the body including Chest, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, Forearms, Back, Core, and Leg workouts. The Joyfit Barbell Set comes with 3 pairs of weights of varying sizes and weights to give you a more dynamic workout. The barbell exercises help you improve your cardiovascular health as well as muscle strength and endurance. They also help increase the range of motion and help with weight and fat loss. Joyfit Barbell Set is designed to suit both home and gym workout needs. Our barbell set is convenient, compact, and extremely easy to use and store.  Features High Strength Material: The Joyfit Barbell set comes with TPU coated cast-iron weights that are of high strength and density. The weights give a true weight of up to 17.5 kgs.   Rigid Handle Bar & Spring Locks: The spring lock and handlebar that come with our barbell set are built with high tensile steel and coated with chrome and ABS that keep the bar rust-free and improves its durability.  Secure Non-Slip Design: The non-slip ABS coating over the handlebar helps maintain a good grip and the strong clutch of the spring collar helps maintain the weight while working out. The rounded square shape of the weights keeps the barbell from rolling out.  Stackable Weight: The Joyfit Barbells come with a total stackable weight of 20 Kgs. Our barbell set comes with an exercise bar, 3 pairs of different weights, i.e., 1.25 Kg, 2.5 Kg, and 5 Kg. You can use a single pair or stack them up to push your workout limit.  Train your Full Body: Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate trainee, the Joyfit Barbell set is perfect for you. You can perform a variety of exercises such as barbell press, barbell rows, deadlifts, barbell squats, etc, to train multiple muscle groups such as chest, shoulders, arms, back, and legs.  Easy Assembly: Our barbell set is extremely easy to assemble. You just need to fit the handlebar into the slot given in the weights. They fit in perfectly and you can use the spring collar to hold them in place.  Easy to Store: When disassembled, the Joyfit Barbell Set can be stored easily along with your other fitness equipment. It is a highly compact Barbell set and does not take much space to store. PACKAGE CONTAINS: 1 Handlebar, I Pair Spring Collar, 3 Pairs of Weight
Best Dumbbells online
Stackable Dumbbell Set [15 & 20 Kgs] from Rs. 4,999.00 Rs. 9,999.00
Stackable Dumbbell Set For Full Body Workout, Strength Training and Muscle Building [15 & 20 Kgs] Dumbbells are one of the most versatile home/gym workout equipment. You can use them to train almost every muscle group in the body including the chest, arms, back, core, and legs. Some of the popular dumbbell workouts are dumbbell press, dumbbell rows, bicep curls, weighted squats, and lunges using dumbbells. Joyfit Dumbbell set comes with adjustable weight options, you can add or remove the dumbbell plates as per your fitness needs. It has total stackable weight options of 15 kg & 20 Kgs.  Our entire Dumbbell set comes with a sturdy built Box case which fits in all the weights, handlebars, and locking screws. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can use our dumbbells as per your exercise needs.  Features  Strong and Durable: The Joyfit dumbbell set is made with high-density solid cast iron. The chrome electrocoating makes our dumbbells highly strong and resistant to rusting which helps increase their durability.  Stackable Weight Joyfit Dumbbell set comes with a stackable weight of 15 kgs and 20 Kgs. 15 Kg box contains 8 pcs of 1.25 kg weights and 4 pcs of 0.5kg weights. And, 20 Kg box contains 4 pcs of 2.5 Kg weights, 4 pcs of 1.25 Kg weight, and 4 pcs of 0.5kg weights.  Ergonomic Design The Handlebar fits in perfectly with the slots provided in the weights. This is capped by a hexagonal screw that holds the weights tightly even during intense workouts.  Non-Slip Grip The dumbbell handlebars come with high-grade thick rubber grips which help maintain a good hold on the dumbbells and they also come with an anti-slip texture that helps prevent slippage of the equipment.  Easy Portability: The Joyfit dumbbell set is extremely easy to store and port. Joyfit Dumbbell set comes with a handy case which makes the equipment easy to transport along with serving the excellent storage facility for the entire accessory.  BENEFITS Increase Stamina  Build Muscle  Lose Weight  Improve muscle strength  Box Contains: 1 Pair handlebars, Weights, 1 pair hexagonal lock, and a carrying case.  Weight Options- 15 Kg & 20 Kg [Choose any one]  
best carabiner online
Carabiner Clip (Pair) from Rs. 179.00 Rs. 500.00
Carabiner Clip Pair For Cable Machines, Resistance Tubes, and Multipurpose Usage The Joyfit Carabiners are built with ultra-precision steel and are designed to deliver excellent results. The high-quality build of our carabiner clips helps you with everyday use and allows you to attach the gym equipment of your choice and also makes sure that the gates are locked properly and the equipment that you attach with the Joyfit Carabiner does not come out. Carabiner pairs come in two sizes 60 mm and 80 mm and have a weight capacity of up to 250 kgs and 450 kgs respectively. You can use them to attach cable machines, resistance tubes, use them while camping and hiking, etc. Our carabiners are compact and can be used in the gym.  Features High Tensile Steel- The Joyfit Carabiner is built with heavy-duty steel that can withstand heavy weights and hold on to the cable machine or resistance tube even while performing intense exercises.  Durable Electroplating- The nickel plating helps keep the carabiner rust-free and durable. The Joyfit carabiner set is weather-resistant and is built to last for a long time.  Pear-Shaped Design- The efficient pear-shaped design of the Joyfit Carabiner helps you to attach bulkier and multiple equipments.  Choose Desired Size & Capacity- You can pick the carabiner size as per your need and convenience. Our Carabiner set comes in two sizes 60 mm and 80 mm and has a weight capacity of up to 250 kgs and 450 kgs respectively.  Versatile Usage- The effectiveness of our carabiner makes it useful for a wide range of applications. You can attach the carabiner with the cable machines and can also be used to stack resistance tubes to get a higher resistance level to perform your exercises efficiently.  PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 Pair Carabiner
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best aerobic stepper
Aerobic Steppers with Adjustable Risers Rs. 1,799.00 Rs. 4,000.00
Aerobic Steppers with Adjustable Risers for Cardio, Strength Training, and Aerobic Exercises The Joyfit Aerobic Stepper with Adjustable Risers is the perfect equipment for Cardiovascular Health, Strength Training, and a variety of Aerobic exercises such as step-ups, cross-over steps, slalom jumps, step curls, and others that you can do at home or gym. The exercise stepper features two height options at 10cm and 15 cm, so it can be customized for different users and to perform a variety of workouts. This step platform can be used to sculpt the lower body and develop the cardiovascular system. This Stepper accommodates users of all fitness levels - beginners or seasoned workout enthusiasts to help build endurance, strength, and improve overall fitness.  Features  Durable Design: Joyfit Aerobic Stepper is made of premium quality ABS material which makes the Stepper rigid, offers high Tensile strength, and provides high durability to the Stepper.  Sturdy Construction: Joyfit Aerobic stepper features a shock-absorbing surface, and the textured surface of the Stepper platform prevents slipping, non-skid feet provide stability and protect the floor.  2-Adjustable Heights: Offers 2 height levels of 10cm and 15 cm settings for a more strenuous exercise. Simply insert the risers into the bottom platform to make it higher, or store them under the platform to reduce the height.   Non-Slip Textured Surface: This aerobic stepper has an Industrial-grade design, with a shock-absorbing, non-stick and non-slip surfaces ensuring you to exercise safely and comfortably and offers the best workout experiences.  Variety Of Exercises: Joyfit Aerobic Stepper is perfect for cardio, HIIT, and aerobic workouts, you can perform burpee jumps, planks, crossovers, basic step maneuvers, and more to boost the intensity of your workout, it helps burn more calories, and lose weight.  Compact & Portable: The lightweight design of Joyfit Aerobic Stepper is easy to carry and use anywhere; the office, gym, or outdoors. The risers lock into place and can be stored underneath the aerobic stepper platform after your workout session. Benefits Perfect for Cardiovascular Health  Burn Excess Fat Improves Mental Health Enhance Leg Strength  PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 Pc. Aerobic Stepper      
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best foot pedal exerciser onine
Foldable Pedal Exerciser with LED Display Rs. 1,699.00 Rs. 4,000.00
Foldable Pedal Exerciser with LED Display and Adjustable Tension Knob for Low Impact Cardio Training Joyfit Pedal Exerciser is an ideal equipment to perform a low-impact exercise for both hands and legs while increasing your range of motion, blood circulation, and calorie exhaustion. The Joyfit Pedal Exerciser comes with a highly efficient foldable design, which makes it easy to install wherever you want a quick workout. The non-slip texture of the pedals and the casing allow the pedal exerciser to remain stable on the floor for foot pedaling and on the tabletop for hand pedaling. With the help of a multi-function LED display you can keep track of your exercise progress.  Key-Features High Strength Material: The Joyfit Pedal Exerciser has a sturdy metal construction that makes it super strong and durable. The Pedals are built with high-quality ABS plastic that lasts for a long time and does not break easily. It has a load capacity of up to 80kgs. Efficient Foldable Design: You can easily fold the Joyfit pedal exerciser and reduce its overall volume coverage. This makes our Pedal Exerciser highly useful for people who live a sedentary lifestyle as well as those undergoing physical therapy. Multi-Function LCD: The digital LED screen helps you monitor your exercise stats such as RPM, Cycling Distance, Speed, Calories that you burned, etc. Customizable Tension Levels: You can use the tension knob on the Joyfit Pedal Exerciser and increase or decrease the intensity of the workout that you are comfortable with. Compact & Portable: The stands of the exerciser can fold inwards and help you save volume. This makes the Joyfit Pedal Exerciser highly compact and can be fit easily in any cupboard. You can perform your exercises at home, office, or at any place that you find suitable.  BENEFITS Low Impact Cardio at Home/Office  Improve Joint Flexibility  Burn calories easily  Physiotherapy and Injury Rehabilitation PACKAGE CONTAINS: 1 Pc Pedal Exerciser    
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Gym Rings (990 lbs)
Gym Rings (990 lbs) Rs. 2,399.00 Rs. 4,000.00
Gym Rings (990 lbs) with Adjustable Straps for Strength Training and Fitness Workouts. The Joyfit Gym ring equipment is made with solid ABS  Plastic and Strong Polyester Straps which are wide for a comfortable grip. The pull-up rings have a great load-bearing capacity and can support up to 450 kg (990 lbs). Our Polyester straps are 14.76 ft long and you can hang them at a higher place as per requirement. You can easily adjust the length freely as you need with the help of the sturdy metal buckles that come with it. These Pull up rings are perfect tools to do exercises like dips, rows, aerial yoga, etc. Our gym rings help you improve stamina, build upper body strength, reduce weight, and enhance the flexibility of joints. The Easy to Use feature of our gym grips makes them ideal for both men and women.  FEATURES  Heavy Duty Material The Gym rings and the straps are built with high-grade ABS and the straps with highly durable polyester fiber. This makes the Joyfit exercise rings super strong and withstands heavyweights.  Reinforced Stitching The polyester Straps are made even stronger with the durable reinforced stitching which makes the straps more reliable and safe.  Designed for Ultimate Body Workout These Pull up rings are perfect tools to do exercises like dips, rows, aerial yoga, etc. These rings also help engage your core muscles, chest, back, arms, and obliques.  Non-Slip Texture The Joyfit Gym Rings come with an intricately designed non-slip texture that helps improve grip and makes the workout more effective.  Adjustable Strap Length You can adjust the strap length as per your requirements with our highly effective belt buckle. Does not matter how high you want to hang the gym rings, you can do it with ease.  Super Easy to Install The Joyfit Gym Rings are super easy to install. You just have to pass the strap over the mounting structure, attach the gym ring to the strap, and buckle the strap at a suitable length. It can be set up within minutes and you can get started with your exercise right away.  Easy To Use The Joyfit Gym Rings are very easy to use and come with clear instructions. You just have to pass the strap over the mounting structure, attach the gym ring to the strap, and buckle the strap at a suitable length.  PACKAGE CONSISTS: 1 Pair Gym Rings, 1 Pair Blue Tapes and 1 Pair Adjustable Straps  
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Buy hip band India
Non-slip, Elastic Hip Bands Set Rs. 1,199.00 Rs. 2,500.00
Non-slip, Elastic Hip Bands Set for Squat, Glute, Hip, & Thigh Workouts Resistance Hip bands are one of the most effective training accessories to sculpt the lower body, especially the hips, glutes, and quads.  The Joyfit Resistance Hip bands wrap around the body efficiently and provide the much-needed support and strength for a perfect workout. With its professional design and premium material, our resistance Loop bands are suitable for all fitness enthusiasts.  PRODUCT FEATURES Premium Grade Material The High-quality Cotton Polyester build of the bands makes them strong and sturdy. The elastic fibers provide flexibility and support during the workout.  Premium Non-Slip Grip The Polyester Cotton of the Joyfit Resistance Bands ensures that the bands do not roll down your legs while performing workouts. The Thick, 8 cm wide straps of our resistance bands provide a good grip and prevent band bundling while working out.  Versatile Workouts:  You can efficiently sculpt your glutes, quads, and hips with a wide range of exercises such as Squats, lunges, Glutes, leg abductions, hip extensions, etc.  Pick Your Size  Our workout bands come in three color-coded sizes (Light Grey: 66cm; Grey 76cm; Black: 86cm) and you can pick the size closest to your body fit.  Lightweight & Portable The resistance bands can be rolled up easily and can fit in any carry bag. You can carry them to the gym or store them at home with other exercise bands.  BENEFITS OF HIP RESISTANCE BANDS Improve strength and stamina  Improved Athletic Performance Train Your Lower And Upper Body Muscles Improve Joint Strength   PACKAGE CONTAINS- 3 Pc Exercise Bands with carrying bag.  COLOR VARIATIONS: 2-Sets are available in different colors, choose any 1 set of your choice. Set-1: Light-Grey, Grey, Black Set-2: Purple, Blue, Pink    
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Adjustable Pull Up Bar with Gear Lock
Adjustable Pull Up Bar with Gear Lock Rs. 1,599.00 Rs. 3,000.00
Adjustable Pull-Up Bar with Gear Lock for Chin-ups & Upper Body Workouts The Joyfit Pull up bar is one of the best workout equipment designed to provide efficient exercises, all within the comfort of one’s own home. They help strengthen the upper body and add definition to the muscles. Its versatile uses include pullups, chin-ups, hanging leg raises, push-ups, dips, sit-ups, and crunches.  Product Specification Heavy Duty Material  The Joyfit Workout bars are made of heavy-duty Carbon steel frame provide great support and safety. Heavy-duty chrome steel door mounts provide great support and safety.  Comfortable Grips Its Non-slip extra-long foam grips provide extra comfort to minimize hand fatigue and pain. The thick EVA foam grip provides a comfortable grip on the bar.  Adjustable Rod Length The Joyfit Home exercise bar length can be extended from 66cm to 105cm. This makes our workout bar suitable for almost all standard doorways.  Secure Locking System The secure locking mechanism provided by the rotatable knobs helps keep the handles and the pull-up bar fixed. This improves the stability of the pull-up bar. High Capacity  Pull-up bars can easily hold up to 100 kg of weight if installed correctly. Easy to Install It is convenient & quickly installed within 30 seconds, helps you enjoy your exercise at any time.  Non-Slip Foam Grip The Foam Grips provide easy holding and good grip while performing workouts. The thick foam also provides additional comfort to the palms. Versatile Workout Options The ergonomically constructed Joyfit workout bar helps you add multiple variations to your upper body strength training exercises. You can fix the Joyfit Workout Bar at a lower level and use it for sit-ups, push-ups, dips, crunches, and even stretching.    PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 Pc. Pull up bar with Screw Set  COLOR: Black     
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Resistance tube set with core slider
Resistance Tube 16 pc Set Rs. 2,349.00 Rs. 4,000.00
Resistance Tube 16 pc Set -3 Stackable Toning Tubes, Mini Bands, Core Slider The Joyfit resistance tube set perfectly suits your fitness goals and it is ideal for Full-Body Training. You can use it to train on your core, back, bicep, shoulders, glutes, hamstrings, chest with a number of resistance exercises such as Resistance Bicep Curls, bent-over row, chest press. Resistance tube Hamstring Curls and Resistance Squats, etc. PRODUCT FEATURES: Premium Quality Material The Joyfit resistance tube set contains 3 stackable resistance tubes and mini resistance bands, made with 100% natural latex which is highly elastic and can withstand intense exercises. The sturdy metal rings of the handles tube hook efficiently with the tubes and do not snap or deform.  Multiple Resistance Levels The Joyfit toning tube set comes with 3 colour coded toning tubes (Yellow 10 lbs, Black 40 lbs, Red 50 lbs). The resistance bands can be used single or stacked up to 100 lbs to meet your different exercise needs. Included 4-Mini Resistance Bands This Resistance Tube set comes with colour coded resistance levels: Green (Light ), Blue (Medium), Yellow (Heavy) and Red (Extra Heavy). Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an expert, you can always find the right resistance level for your workout.  Anti Snap Resistance Tubes  The Joyfit Resistance tubes as well as the mini Resistance band are designed to withhold any amount of pressure to give you the best desired results and to last long. Made with the finest quality of 100% Natural Latex, Rubber. Included Double-Sided Core Sliders  The Joyfit Resistance Tube Combo comes with 2 double fitness core sliders that can be used on all flat surfaces. The core sliders provide an intense abdominal workout and improve core strength.  Sturdy Door Anchors The door anchor is 26 cm long and is made up of neoprene material and comes with a dense cushion for added support. Anti Slip Handles The handles of the Joyfit toning tube set designed to give a comfortable grip. The foam handles are cushioned with sweatproof and skidproof technology.  Ankle Straps The ankle straps give you the freedom to perform exercises with ease, helping to tone up and improve stabilisation in the lower body muscles.    PACKAGE INCLUDES: ✅ 3 Colour Coded Toning Tubes (Yellow, Black, and Red) ✅ 4 Mini Resistance Bands (Green, Blue, Yellow, and Red) ✅ 2 Foam Cushioned Handles ✅ 2 Core Sliders ✅ 2 Ankle Straps ✅ 1 Door Anchor ✅ 1 Exclusive Workout Chart ✅ 1 Carry Bag   Download a complete guide from here:- https://joyfit.in/pages/e-book
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Mini Resistance Band Set
Mini Resistance Band Set Rs. 549.00 Rs. 1,500.00
Mini Resistance Band Set for Yoga, Strength Training, Lower & Upper Body Workouts The Joyfit Resistance Mini Bands help all muscle groups while working out and improve their strength. They are also ideal for yoga and flexibility exercises. With their professional design and premium material, our resistance mini bands are suitable for all fitness enthusiasts.  Product Specification  Premium Grade Material Made with 100% natural latex, the Joyfit Mini Resistance Loop Bands are strong and durable. The latex is easy on the skin and is engineered to provide good flexibility while retaining the necessary tension for a good exercise.  Multiple Resistance Levels Our Resistance band set comes with colour coded resistance levels: Green (Light ), Blue (Medium), Yellow (Heavy), and Red (Extra Heavy). Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or an expert, you can always find the right resistance level for your workout.  Ideal for Full Body Workout The Joyfit resistance bands are crafted to suit a number of different exercises such as leg abductions, hip extensions, hamstring curls, seated bicep curls, Overhead Push, Scapular Retractions etc. for strengthening the lower and upper body.  Compact and Portable The light and compact nature of the Joyfit mini resistance bands set makes them easy to carry and travel with. These bands cater to the needs of a wide variety of exercises and hence are suitable for both men and women. Benefits of Mini Resistance Bands:  Improve strength and stamina  Improved Athletic Performance Train Your Lower And Upper Body Muscles Improve Joint Strength PACKAGE CONTAINS: 4-Mini Resistance Bands and a Carrying Bag.  COLOUR: Green, Blue, Yellow, and Red. 
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Adjustable Skipping Rope
Adjustable Skipping Rope Rs. 749.00 Rs. 1,500.00
Jumping Skipping Rope Adjustable, Tangle free, Multicolor A good jump rope is one of the most important pieces of equipment for fitness training. Jump rope training targets speed, balance, agility, dexterity, coordination, endurance, and concentration. Jumping rope is an excellent equipment for cardio workouts, it helps to build shoulder strength and is great for your legs.  Joyfit Jumping rope is a super effective functional exercise which is why you’ll see it used in the training regimens of so many athletes in such a variety of sports. Product Description Premium Grade Material Joyfit Jump Rope is made with high-grade steel wires coated with strong PVC material, making it sturdy, durable, and resistant to deformation. The aluminum alloy handle provides a firm grip and makes it more durable and break-resistant. Adjustable Design Joyfit Jump Rope consists of adjustable fastening screws with the premium precision steel ball-bearing which makes this rope fully-adjustable. The cable is 300 cm in length with a diameter of 2.5 mm. And, the rope can be adjusted to the required length as per your height. The Jump rope can be used for men, women, and children. Ergonomically Designed Material Joyfit Jump Ropes consists of High Strength Aluminium handles, with a 168mm handle length. They are ergonomically designed for firm grip and fit the palm curve, bear force evenly when jumping, allow wrists sending force more easily which facilitates safety and convenience. And the anti-slip & moisture-wicking features also keep your palms dry and give you a great workout experience.   Does not tangle  This jump rope does not tangle because the handles let the rope spin around. You can roll it all up and when you unroll it the rope just falls to the floor with no kinks or bends. Perfect for Variety of Exercises  Joyfit Jump Ropes suits for all heights and skills, skipping effectively helps you exercise wrists, leg strength, and drive other body parts together, better speed up calorie consumption. Jump rope is the perfect equipment for both beginner and seasoned fitness enthusiasts. You can use the Joyfit skipping rope for Cardio, Cross Fitness, Intense criss-cross, Martial Arts, Boxers, athletics, Aerobic exercises, Freestyle & many other sports. Lightweight, Fast and Stable Joyfit Jump Ropes has a premium 360° precision steel ball-bearing system to promise more durability, stability, and offers smooth motion and super fast speed. The Jump rope can be used indoors or out, and without needing much space—perfect for any day, any weather, year-round workouts.    6-COLOR OPTIONS: Black, Yellow, Silver, Pink, Blue, and Green SALES PACKAGE INCLUDE: 1 Pc Jump Rope