Do you find excuses of not going to the gym? 

You can still workout from the comfort of your home.We tell you how.

Build a gym at home

Whether it is not finding time to workout, long-distance commute to the gym, long wait for the machines at the Gym or the unused Gym membership which is lying since ages in your drawer, no more  excuses for skipping your workouts .You can still workout from the comfort of your home.We tell you how.

It is undeniably true that there is no charm like a home workout. It not only saves some huge bucks in the long run but also helps us in being punctual and leads to effective time management. Working out in a gym is not everybody’s call, which furthermore imposes the importance and needs for premium quality home workout equipment, for anyone who is striving towards leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.

With a little bit of investment, you can easily create your own personal home workout space without expensive pieces of gym equipment. These accessories are you need to give you the most effective home workout that will help you attain your fitness goal.

Did you know you can chalk out your own full-body home workout plan using these fitness accessories? 

Here is a list of affordable home workout equipment that you can check out.





    Abs Roller for home gym

    If you are looking for a home workout accessory for great Abs then, Abs Roller is for you. 

    The abs roller is a simple device- two handles connected with wheels through bars of steel or plastic. Use it as a part of the daily workout to make the core muscles and the tricep stronger. This makes the muscles go through a whole range of motions- mostly, fletching the spine to both stretch and contract while preventing the back from arching, challenging the abdomen and the spine making them stronger. Stabilize your body from shoulder to tailbone while the wheel rolls in front of your body.

    The Joyfit Abs Roller Wheel redefine the conventional abs workout routine. It comes with a foam knee pad so that the knees do not hurt while working out and a rubber stopper to control the distance between the knees and the arms. This is what makes it a great fitness accessory and an easily available fitness tool to build a muscular core. 

    Abs roller exercises are as effective as the traditional crunch method –this what majority of fitness experts say. You can read more about the Abs Roller here.




  • Pull Up Bar for home gym



    Pull-up bars are very versatile and most effective for toning and strengthening the upper body. 

    There are a variety of exercises which can be done using these bars that lets you isolate and focus on various muscle groups. For example, close chin-ups help you get the perfect biceps whilst also targeting your lats. Though wide grip chin ups focus more on lats they also involve deltoids.One of the biggest benefits of doing pull-ups is the improvement of your back muscles. The second major muscle group that gets benefits from doing pull-ups is the Rhomboid muscles. Improving strength by doing pull-up exercises helps in intensifying other heavy exercises forms like weightlifting, pilates, deadlifting etc.

    Joyfit Pull-up bar is strong, durable and easy to grip. They have outer foam covering which makes them non-slippery. They can be easily mounted in any regular sized door frame. Pull-up bars are a great home workout equipment you can add to your home gym even if you are only looking at hanging around and stretching your shoulders.




  • Resistance bands and tubes for home gym



    If you are looking for a portable, flexible, inexpensive piece of fitness gear to workout anytime, anywhere then Resistance tube is the solution to all your fitness needs.

    They come in varying resistance levels Black (13 kg), Blue(11 kg),Red (9 kg) ,Green(7kg), and Yellow (4.5 kg). They are designed to suit your workout needs.  Perfect for optimizing your workout. You can use a single band or combination to suit your fitness needs.

    Can Resistance Tube help build muscle? Yes, if you are looking to burn fat and increase muscle strength. These toning tubes do just that. They help you increase coordination, boost stamina, flexibility, range of motion, exercise different muscle groups, such as shoulder, arm, leg etc. Versatility is their virtue with absolutely no limits to the variety of exercises you can try with them. Good news is they help you target the same muscle groups which you would with free weights or other specialised machines in the Gym. 

    Well, you will be amazed to know you can target Glutes, hamstrings, core muscles, Calves, Biceps with these resistance tubes without having to get into lifting heavy weights or other heavy workouts. You can also use resistance tubes for Insanity, Crossfit Training, Yoga, Pilates, Physical Therapy,  chest exercises, squats etc.

    Joyfit offers you a wide range of ResistanceTubes to choose from. Look for attachments like workout chart, door anchor, a carry case if you are new to resistance training. A good quality resistance tube sets are always accompanied by these. We give you another reason to consider Joyfit Resistance tubes. Joyfit Resistance Tubes come with a door anchor and workout chart and carry bag depending on the variant you select.

    Don’t be fooled by their size, they give you that full-body workout without you having to visit the Gym. Read more about them here. 




  • Suspension strap for home gym



    Suspension Training is a bodyweight exercise which can be performed using a variety of fitness accessories like Suspension Straps, cords, rings, ropes, or chains which are suspended from single or multiple anchor points. It is a form of resistance training which is aimed at developing flexibility, building strength, balance etc.

    When you work out with Suspension straps you are always working on your core. The exercises are not those you do standing but those which are always performed at an angle thereby strengthening your core. Suspension straps help you work on back, shoulder, chest and leg muscles too! As you perform these intense multiplanar exercises this training gives you that full-body workout without you having to visit the Gym. It helps you work on all muscles in your body and also stay in shape. Whether you are a beginner or professional Suspension Straps can be used by anybody. You get the liberty to adjust the intensity or resistance based on the position of your body. One of the reasons why it is an effective alternative to heavy gym equipment or weightlifting. It is perfect for all, even if you are at different levels of fitness.

    Joyfit Suspension straps are designed as a single strap that runs through a loop. Handles are on each end of the strap while the loop connects it to the anchor point. This is a single- mount system. Each handle can move independently, but they both connect to a single anchor point. Length of the strap can be varied to suit individual needs with the help of adjustable Cam Buckles. Joyfit Straps are also accompanied by  Pro Extender Strap To Elongate them even Further.

    Know more about Suspension straps and Suspension Training here.            


    Are you a Yoga lover?




    Yoga mat for home gym 


    Yoga is a great way to relax and connect with your body. It is one such exercise which can be done from the comfort of your home. If you love Yoga then Yoga mat is a must-have accessory. It is important to provide comfort and support to the body while doing yoga, as it is as much about the mind, as it is about the body. An ideal yoga mat should be sturdy enough to take the pressure of the body, and yet soft enough to comfort the joints and not bruise the skin.

    The Joyfit Yoga Mat is a perfect mixture of comfort, durability and sustainability, designed specifically to give yogis a meaningful and effective yoga workout session. You can also use these perfect cushion mat for various other exercises to get more support and comfort




     Yoga Ball for home gym


    The second product on our list that will definitely turn the tables of your yoga workout is a Yoga Ball. The effects of a Yoga Ball are so profound that one must have one in their fitness kit. Yoga Ball stabilizes the muscles, improves posture and helps you to feel more in touch with the centre of gravity. It also increases Core Strength, Balance and Stability. Yoga Ball is the easiest way to get a full-body workout. Flex your chest, arms, back, shoulders, legs, and abs from the comfort of your home. Working out with Exercise Ball using Resistance Band is great for strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. Yoga Balls can be used for Pilates, to treat back pain and ease labour pain. It is perfect for strengthening the abdominals, core and lower back muscles. Also great for yoga, sit up, abdominal exercises, stretching. Can also be used during pregnancy.

    Joyfit Yoga ball has a non-slip surface, anti-burst coating and can sustain up to 270 kg. It comes with a hand pump and needs less than 2 minutes to be inflated and deflated.


    These Exercise balls can also be used to perform various other exercises specially for abs.

    It is very easy to get confused especially when you are spoilt for choices of home workout equipment. We have made it easy for you by narrowing them down to help you build your perfect home gym. While making your choices we recommend you to consider cost, space and function and list out your fitness needs and goals.

    Now that you have taken the first step, don’t stop ! Keep going and Shop from our wide range of fitness accessories.