A complete guide on how to use resistance tubes and its benefits

Want to learn more about Resistance Tubes, Look no further 
A complete guide on how to use resistance tubes and its benefits - Joyfit

Worried about losing all your gains? Is a closed gym your biggest nightmare? And all you dream of is nothing but some weights and an intense full-body workout session? 

Dream no more!!

The Resistance Bands are here to help you. Resistance Bands are great multipurpose equipment to make your home workouts more effective and intense than ever! Resistance bands can help you have a great full-body workout using nothing but your own body weight.

This blog will guide you through on how to make the most of a resistance band. Look out for an amazing 45-minute workout using resistance bands which will help you get toned and lose body fat.

Resistance Bands -  A Must have Fitness Accessory!

A resistance band is a stretchy tube with handles used for increasing the intensity of the workouts. It is made from a material called Latex, the reason for its highly elastic & durable nature. Resistance bands workouts are both efficient and effective.

They are very beneficial to people who are always on the go. Resistance tubes are portable and easy to use, giving you that gym workout feel. Use them anytime, anywhere from the comforts of your home, hotel room, or even in your professional gym! When you have a resistance band handy you are less likely to miss out on a workout session.

They are also used for physical therapy, specifically by convalescents of muscular injuries, including cardiac rehab patients to allow the slow rebuilding of strength.

Why are Resistance Tubes the Best?

Choose your Intensity:  

Challenge your limit with these stackable Joyfit resistance tubes. They come in varying resistance levels Black (13 kg), Blue(11 kg),Red (9 kg) ,Green(7kg), and Yellow (4.5 kg). They are designed to suit your workout needs. Perfect for optimizing your workout. You can use a single band or combination to suit your fitness needs. 


Crossfit Training, Yoga, Pilates, Physical Therapy, Strengthening, Chest exercises, Toning Upper and Lower Body, you name it these toning tubes are extremely versatile and suitable for all activities.

Fitness Anytime, Anywhere:

Forget all your worries about the long drives to the gym or expensive memberships. Enjoy workouts from the comfort of your home, office, gym, or hotel room. They are portable and can be carried anywhere and gives you the luxury to workout anywhere.

Less Storage Space:

A good alternative when you do not have space for workout machines. Coil them up and store in your gym bag or in your drawer. They are handy and fit almost anywhere.

Fun Fact: Resistance bands were invented in Switzerland by Gustav Gossweile on May 28, 1895. 

Feasible Fitness Goals with Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can easily make your workouts more intense by working effectively on your targeted muscle. They create tension around the muscle which helps in activating it. The body feels the workout as the muscles are sore post-workout.

This versatile toning tube is your single solution for all fitness needs. Resistance bands make your fitness goals simple and feasible. They can be used by both beginners and advanced individuals, depending on their fitness levels and goals.

Yes, if you are looking to burn fat and increase muscle strength. These toning tubes do just that. They help you increase coordination, boost stamina, flexibility, range of motion, exercise different muscle groups, such as shoulder, arm, leg, glutes, core almost the full body.

Which Resistance Band Colour is for You?  

Ever wondered why these toning tubes come in different colours? These toning tubes can absolutely replace your free weights and make your workouts more effective. These toning tubes are colour coded because these bands come with different intensities to cater different fitness levels.

They range from a resistance level as low as 4.5kg up to 13kg. Here is your complete guide for choosing your ideal resistance band. 

Resistance tube resistance levels

  • Lightest Resistance Tubes – Yellow : This tube is for beginners and for those who are looking for very light resistance. It is also used by people who have suffered an injury. These resistance tubes offer resistance of up to 4.5 kg.
  • Medium Resistance Bands – Red : This tube is of medium resistance and has a higher level of tension when compared to Yellow and Green tubes and great for those who aim at building muscle strength. They offer resistance of up to 9 kg.

Choose your resistance band based on the level of your exercise routine. Consult a professional to make the right choice.

How do Resistance Bands work on the body?

Resistance is one workout accessory that goes well with all muscle groups of the body. These toning tubes only help in training different muscles but also help you to train different forms of workouts. You can use it for performing Yoga, Pilates, Crossfit and strength training.

Here is how these toning tubes work on different muscle groups of your body:

  • Chest : They target the chest muscles by creating intense pressure on them. Exercise like Single arm gook fly, reverse grip fly create great tension around the chest muscles.

  • Back : They are the most effective for back workouts, they work well on your lats and upper back. They help in strengthening and stretching the back muscles. Exercises like Bent over row, Banded deadlifts, reverse fly do wonders for your back.

  • Bicep : Resistance will give you that toned bicep with the right bicep pump. They are capable of activating the muscle through concentration oriented exercises like, Single-arm incline press banded pull apart, concentrated bicep curl.

  • Glutes : The versatile toning tubes also help you tone your lower body. They can help in stretching the lower body muscles. Exercises like glute bridges, Hip thrusters give you an added benefit.

  • Core: Core is one of the hardest when it comes to losing fat. But with a resistance band, you can fasten your core fat burning process. These toning tubes can help you get those toned abs by creating enough tension on the targeted muscles. Prefer exercises like banded crutches, leg raises and sit-ups.

      Resistance band

      Resistance Tubes Vs Resistance Bands Vs Free Weights 


      Resistance tube v/s resistance band


      The word Resistance band and resistance tube are used interchangeably by many manufacturers. Though they perform a similar function, still there are key differences between them. Listing them below to help you understand both better.


      Resistance Bands

      Resistance Tubes

      Free weights 


      Flat strips of rubber that are elastic and several inches wide

      Round pieces of rubber which are elastic with a hole in the middle which gives them a round shape

      They come in the form of Dumbbells, kettlebells & bars.


      Can’t stretch aggressively and may lead to snapping

      Resilient and lasts longer. Usually comes with a snap guard which prevents overstretching

      Can be used only for strength training. Can’t stretch using weights.


      Better suited for kids, elderly people with weak joints, or simple rehabilitation exercises.

      Better suited for serious athletes and strong individuals

      Suited for everyone but have to use with proper guidance and form. 


      Best  for specific exercises associated with Pilates and yoga

      Better suited for heavier exercises and stretching.

      Best used for intense strength training workouts.


      Joyfit 45-mins full-body workout using Resistance bands

      This 45 mins workout aims to target every muscle of the body to give you a completely satisfying workout. The exercises focus on muscle strengthening, testing your stamina. The exercises with resistance bands help create tension and activate a muscle through concentrated workouts. 

      We have created a customized 45 mins workout using Resistance Bands to help you make the most out of your workout. The exercises help you lose fat and tone up your body. They are effective enough for you to replace it with free weights. 

      Try this effective Joyfit 45 min full-body workout:

      Before you start it is always good to warm-up and stretch. You can use resistance bands for stretching. 

      Warm-up Mobility using resistance bands. Repeat 2 sets of the following workouts to activate your muscles to prepare the body for full body intense workout.

      Hold each of these exercises for 30 sec each.

      1. Overhead banded stretch: For Upper body
      2. Banded Ankle stretch: For Glutes and Lower body
      3. Single hand twisted stretch: For Core and Upper body
      4. Standing Front lean: For Lats and Back

        Resistance tube benefits

          The 45 min workout

          1. Resistance Band Bicep Curl - 10 reps
          2. Resistance Band Bent over row - 10 reps
          3. Resistance Band Chest Fly - 10 reps
          4. Resistance Band Good Mornings - 10 reps
          5. Resistance Band Lat pull down - 10 reps
          6. Resistance Band Kneeling Crunches - 1- reps
          7. Resistance Band kickbacks - 10 reps
          8. Resistance Band Leg raises - 10 reps

            Resistance tube exercises

            This is a complete workout targeting all the primary muscle groups of the body. Repeat this circuit for 3 times a minimum. 

            Perform all these exercises slowly maintaining the tension on the muscle throughout the workout.

            Choose Best resistance tubes, Choose Joyfit

            Cheap Quality Resistance tubes don't last long and cannot withstand the rigorous workouts. At Joyfit we take utmost care to give you the best results and 100% satisfaction. 

            Why should you choose JoyFit?

            • Finest Quality Material for long Durability & Suppress High pressure   
            Joyfit resistance toning tube for exercise is made with 100% Natural Latex. This toning tube set is highly durable with extra thick High-Grade Silicon which makes it FREE from drying out, snap, deform. 

            Joyfit Resistance tube is 145cm long in total with 125cm tube only length comes with adjustable length for more elasticity and greater results. 

            • Value for Money Pack - This Tool Kit is all you need

                Grab the best Fitness Deal and ADD this fitness resistance tube set for meeting all your fitness requirements. Train for Back, chest, glutes, shoulders, legs, core, triceps, biceps with FREE guided workout chart having 40 customised exercises for full body to burn FAT and Gain Muscles. 

                Joyfit resistance tube kit also includes a designer travel kit, High-Density Door Anchor, High Durable Cushioned Foam Handles, High Gripping Ankle straps.

                Designer travel Kit: To Make it efficiently portable,

                High-Density Door Anchor: To help you perform various exercises & Control the body pressure 

                High Durable Cushioned Foam Handles: For making the grip super strong and smooth.

                High Gripping Ankle straps: To help you work on your glutes, hamstrings with supreme grip.

                • Perfect for your Fitness Goals, suits all Fitness levels

                Joyfit resistance tube set of 3/ Set of 5 / Set of 6 / Set of 8 perfectly aligns with your fitness goals and helps you Tone your body and build muscle mass. Use it for Every form of Workouts from CrossFit to Strength training to Pilates to Yoga to Physical conditioning to Body toning. Choose the set perfect for your needs,



                •  Ideal Home Workout/Travel Partner exercise anywhere & anytime

                You NO more have to head to the gym for getting Fit & Sweating it out, with JoyFit resistance toning tube for workout, You can do it at the comfort of your HOME with your Loved ones! 

                Our Recommendation

                It is always recommended to go for two or more resistance level tubes as it helps you choose or gradually increase your workout intensity. You can also use a combination of these tubes to make your workout more efficient. Having a set always helps, as you can target heavy muscles with heavier resistance tubes and lighter resistance tubes for smaller muscle groups. 

                If you are looking for a portable, flexible, inexpensive piece of fitness gear to workout anytime, anywhere then, the Joyfit Resistance tube is the solution to all your fitness needs. At JoyFit we aim to help you achieve your fitness goals with the highest quality products & services. 

                 With resistance bands in hand, you don't have to worry about losing those gains or gaining extra fat, they will help you get toned. Get fit with JoyFit.