Are you tired of the same routine every day? Try using suspension straps for a full body workout and training.

Are you tired of the same routine every day? 

Bored of the same exercises?

Having back pain or back issues and not able to work out?

If you have answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions, then Suspension Training is for you.

What is Suspension Training?

Although the word ‘Suspension’ seems scary, it is neither complex nor scary. It can be done by anybody - novice, professional, Men or Women.

Suspension Training is a bodyweight exercise which can be performed using a variety of fitness accessories like Suspension Straps, cords, rings, ropes, or chains which are suspended from single or multiple anchor points. It is a form of resistance training which is aimed at developing flexibility, building strength, balance etc.

In a nutshell, it is an approach to strength training using ropes, straps, chains allowing you to work against your own body weight.

The term ‘Suspension Training’  is a trademark of Fitness Anywhere. It is also referred to as TRX training.

Now that we have given you an idea about suspension training you may be wondering why should you go for it?

Here’s why you should consider it.

Benefits of Suspension Training?

Helps you build a strong core

When you work out with Suspension straps or any other suspension fitness accessory you are always working on your core. The exercises are not those you do standing but those which are always performed at an angle thereby strengthening your core. Strengthening your core muscles is important as these are the muscles which are located in your stomach and back which supports your spine and helps maintain balance.

Total Body Workout

Suspension training exercises back, shoulder, chest and leg muscles too! As you perform these intense multi-planar exercises this training gives you that full-body workout without you having to visit the Gym. It helps you work on all muscles in your body and also stay in shape.

Train Anytime, Anywhere

The whole world acts as your workout place when you are using your own body for resistance. Suspension accessories specially Suspension straps are portable and can be carried anywhere. Workout at home, office, Gym anywhere you wish provided you are able to find a secure anchor point for setting up the straps. They are most economical when compared to the Gym expenses.

Anybody can do it 

Whether you are a beginner or professional Suspension Straps can be used by anybody. You get the liberty to adjust the intensity or resistance based on the position of your body. One of the reasons why it is an effective alternative to heavy gym equipment or weightlifting. It is perfect for all, even if you are at different levels of fitness.

Suspension Training or Weightlifting. Which is best?

Suspension strap v/s Weight lifting

 Both are good options if your fitness goal is to build your muscles.

Suspension Training helps target your abs, core, and lower back as support while using your body weight as resistance. It gives you that total body work out. If your aim is strengthening the core, then this the best home fitness equipment you can consider buying. The best thing about Suspension training is it helps you target a large group of muscles at the same time.

While it comes to Weigh lifting it involves working on your muscles using hard iron against gravity. Here you can concentrate only on selected muscles when you exercise. These type of workouts are usually preferred by Weight lifters and bodybuilders and it is not everybody’s cup of tea, unlike Suspension training which suits all.

Now that we have chalked out the differences, it has been emphasised by many fitness experts that Suspension Training is not a replacement to weightlifting. However, if you use a combination of both, you can reap the amazing benefits of strengthening every muscle in your body.

We leave it at that. It is an individual choice and totally depends on your fitness goals.

Suspension straps are a favourite choice when it comes to Suspension training.

How to use Suspension Straps?

Suspension strap models may vary based on the manufacturer.

Some Suspension straps are designed with two separate straps that anchor independently, called Dual-mount system.

Joyfit Suspension straps are designed as a single strap that runs through a loop. Handles are on each end of the strap while the loop connects it to the anchor point. This is a single- mount system. Each handle can move independently, but they both connect to a single anchor point. Length of the strap can be varied to suit individual needs with the help of adjustable Cam Buckles. Joyfit Straps are also accompanied by  Pro Extender Strap To Elongate them even Further.

A word of caution before using Suspension straps.

  • Anchor the straps securely 

Its is very essential to anchor the straps securely to door, wall or ceiling. In case they are not secure there is a high chance of fall leading to injury. Make sure you are anchoring yours as per the instructions.

  • First-time User? Seek expert advice  

It is recommended to consult a Fitness Expert on how it can be used to achieve your fitness goals. An expert can guide you on the exercises that can be done depending on your fitness level.


 Exercises With Suspension Straps that you can try

Now that we know the basics, let us understand the type of exercises we that can be done under Suspension training using Suspension straps.


Suspension strap use : push up

Target - upper body and core, require shoulder stability.

 A variation to the normal Push-up. Adjust the handles to the height you are comfortable with. The intensity increases with the closeness of the handles to the floor. This is a beginner level workout.


  • Hook your toes through handles so the top of your feet faces the floor. 
  • Lift your body up.
  • Your weight must rest on the palms of your hands.
  • Bend elbows to lower chest between hands.
  • Press back up to the starting position.

Chest Press

Suspension strap : Chest press

Target – Arms & Chest

A variation to the regular chest press which is done lying down. This is a beginner level workout.


  • Stand facing away from the anchor, keeping shoulder-width distance between your feet.
  • Grab the handles and extend your arms in front till your shoulder level.
  • Lean forward so that your body is at an acute angle.
  • Bend elbows and lower your chest between your hands.
  • Push yourself back to the start position.

Atomic Push-up

Target –Chest, shoulders, arms, abs

This is an advanced level workout.


  • Hook your toes through handles so the top of your feet faces the floor. 
  • Lower your body to push-up position
  • From the plank position slowly bring your knees to elbows, allowing the legs to drift away.
  • Hold at this position for a few seconds and slowly get back to start position

Though we have listed 3 exercises there are a large number of exercises which can be done using Suspension Straps. The possibilities are endless and you can explore many exercises at different planes and angles targeting different muscles.

Listing a few –

  • Squat which targets quads, glutes, hamstrings (Beginner level)
  • Lunge which targets Legs (Beginner level)
  • Power Pull which targets Upper back, shoulders, obliques (Intermediate Level)
  • Biceps Curl which targets arms (Intermediate Level)
  • Single-Arm Row which targets Back, shoulders, biceps (Advanced level)

Choose your workout depending on your fitness level.

Final Conclusion

There is no doubt Suspension Training is a great way to get a full-body workout anywhere, anytime. Yet, it is not a replacement to weightlifting or free weights.

It is a great supplement to your existing routine. It is best suited when you do not want to miss your fitness routine and still yearn for an intense workout. The cool thing about it is it can be done by Men & Women, novice or professional alike without worrying about injury.

So are you ready to shop for Joyfit Suspension Straps? Grab yours before they run out of stock.