Resistance Tube 18 pc Set

Rs. 2,649.00 Rs. 5,000.00 -48% OFF

Resistance Tube 18 pc Set

Rs. 2,649.00 Rs. 5,000.00 -48% OFF

Resistance Tube 18 pc Set -5 Stackable Toning Tubes, Mini Bands, Core Slider

Joyfit Resistance Tube set is the most versatile set to train your complete body. A complete set that will help to train the core, back, bicep, shoulders, glutes, hamstrings, chest with a number of exercises using various equipment.


  • Premium Quality Work Set
The Joyfit resistance tube set contains 5 stackable resistance tubes and mini resistance bands, made with 100% natural latex which is highly elastic and can withstand intense exercises. The sturdy metal rings of the handles tube hook efficiently with the tubes and do not snap or deform. The dual side Core Slider discs build with plastic on one side and which do not rub out with rough usage.
  • Anti Snap Resistance Tubes

The Joyfit Resistance tubes as well as the mini Resistance band are designed to withhold any amount of pressure to give you the best-desired results and to last long. Made with the finest quality of 100% Natural Latex, Rubber

  • Stackable Tubes with 5 Resistance Levels

 The Joyfit toning tube set comes with 5 color-coded toning tubes (Yellow 10 lbs, Blue 20lbs, Green 30 lbs, Black 40 lbs, Red 50 lbs). The resistance bands can be used single or stacked up to 150 lbs to meet your different exercise needs. The tube ends are attached with a strong metal carabiner which makes it easy to stack and attach to the foam handles.

  • 4 set Mini Resistance Bands

Joyfit Mini Resistance Bands come in four resistance levels, i.e., Green - Light, Blue- Medium, Yellow- Heavy, and Red- Extra Heavy. You can pick the resistance level to train your leg and core as per your strength.

  • Double-Sided Core Sliders

The Joyfit Resistance band Combo comes with 2 double fitness core sliders that can be used on all flat surfaces. One side of the slider is made with fabric and the other with smooth plastic which ensures that they slide easily and keep your feet in place. The Joyfit core sliders provide an intense abdominal workout and improve core strength.

  • Sturdy Door Anchor

The door anchor is 26 cm long and is made up of neoprene material and comes with a dense cushion for added support.

  • Anti Slip Handles

The handles of the Joyfit toning tube set designed to give a comfortable grip. The foam handles are cushioned with sweatproof and skidproof technology.

  • Ankle Straps

The ankle straps give you the freedom to perform exercises with ease, helping to tone up and improve stabilization in the lower body muscles.

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✅ 5 Colour Coded Toning Tubes

✅ 4 Mini Resistance Band

✅ 2 Foam Cushioned Handles

✅ 2 Core Sliders

✅ 2 Ankle Straps

✅ 1 Door Anchor

✅ 1 Exclusive Workout Chart

✅ 1 Carry Bag


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