Joyfit Handles- With Solid ABS Cores

Rs. 699.00 Rs. 1,000.00 -31% OFF

Joyfit Handles- With Solid ABS Cores

Rs. 699.00 Rs. 1,000.00 -31% OFF

Joyfit Handles- With Solid ABS Cores,Nylon Webbing And Welded D-Rings

Exercise Handles are the most essential accessories when it comes to strength and weight training in resistance bands, cable machines, elastic straps and rowing machines. For the training to be efficient you should have a good pair of workout handles that can bear any amount of tension.

With our premium build quality and professional designs, Joyfit Gym Handles are the best suited for you.

Product Description

  • Strong heavy duty construction

The Joyfit Resistance Tube Handles are engineered for intense workout with industrial strength ABS and covered with TPR material. The durable nylon strap and stainless steel rings also add to their strength. These exercise handles highly strong & durable, and allow you to go heavy with your Resistance Tubes or Cable Machines.

  • Extra wide comfort design

The thick nylon webbing and the stainless steel D shaped rings hold the resistance tubes tightly and stay stable even during intense workouts. The exercise band handles are designed to be more comfortable than normal handles. They are made wider and coated with rubber for a comfortable and better grip.

  • Perform Efficient Workout

Perform more efficient resistance training with the Joyfit Resistance Tube Handle. You can perform full body resistance workouts with resistance tubes, and cable machines such as Bicep Curls, bent-over row, chest press etc. The handles can be used for movements in all directions. 

  • Premium Design

The thick webbing of the nylon straps keeps them going for a long time. The D-Shaped Stainless Steel Rings make their grip on the tubes highly effective.

  • One Size Fit

The Joyfit Exercise handles are made with a 5” wide grip that makes it fit almost any adult palm size. The 1.4” outer diameter of the handles is designed keeping the physiological structure of human hands which make them easy to hold on to and workout. The nylon straps are flexible and wide so that you can perform your workouts comfortably.

  • Versatile & Portable

Use a single Resistance tube or stack them up for higher resistance level, the Joyfit Exercise handles fit easily with all resistance tubes.  You can attach them with cable machines, bowflex home gyms, chair gyms etc., easily and perform your workouts. They are compact and extremely easy to carry around which makes them perfect for home and gym exercises.


Length: 5.11"

Inner Diameter: 0.7"

Outer Diameter: 1.4"


Pair of Resistance Band Handles

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