6 exercises to get perfect abs using abs roller at home

Get the perfect abs using the best abs roller 
5 exercises to get perfect abs

What does it take to have perfect abs like our ‘almost perfect’ tinsel town celebrities? A consistent hard core training routine? YES. A balanced nutritious healthy diet? YES. A personal trainer? NO. A gym set up? NO.

Yes, that’s right. Getting well defined abs neither requires you to have membership of an expensive gym nor have a personal trainers. With a sturdy durable abs roller in your fitness kit and a desire to be consistent with its use, getting those six packs abs is not a distant dream.

How does an Abs Roller work?


The abs roller is an extremely simple device- two handles connected with wheels (two or four). Using abs roller as a part of the daily workout makes the core muscles and the tricep stronger. It does it by making the abs and the core go through a whole range of motions- mostly, fletching the spine to both stretch and contract while preventing the back from arching. These movements challenge the abdomen and the spine making them stronger. This makes the abs roller wheel a great fitness accessory and an easily available fitness tool to build a muscular core. There is a consensus among fitness experts that abs roller exercises are as effective as the traditional crunch method. Ab Roller exercises stabilize your body from shoulder to tailbone while the wheel rolls in front of your body.

Ab Rollers come in two variations- with two wheels and with four wheels. You can get one as per your requirement, as they both work efficiently.

For best results 

  • Position the abs roller before the knees. 
  • Grab the handles with the hands and extend. 
  • Lean the body forward, and as the arms extend forward, support it with the abs roller. 
  • Roll the abs roller for maximum distance between hands and knees. 
  • Slowly roll the abs roller back towards your knees.
  • Repeat this for 15 times or more daily.

This is the most basic way to use an Abs Roller. However, for maximum benefits one can use it in a lot different number of ways and get some real core crushing done for faster and better results. Let’s look into some of the less known, yet awesome Abs Roller Exercises that have been approved by fitness experts as the best. We’ll begin with the most basic moves, progressing to advanced variations.

  1. Ab wheel Plank

    Exercises to get perfect abs


    The Ab Wheel Plank exercise is one of the easiest and the best exercises for beginners, or for the ones who are just starting with an abs exercise routine. It strengthens the core muscles and gives a fair understanding to the user as to how use the roller. It is advisable to start with this exercise before moving on more advanced ones.


    • Grab both the handles of the roller and start with the plank position.
    • Retract your body back to the foetal position with the knees touching the ground.
    • Engage your core and stay in position for 30-60 seconds.
    • Push your torso back to the plank position, in a straight line from head to toe.
    • Repeat 5 times.

    This exercise, if done for 4 times a week, will definitely help you in building a strong and flexible core in a month’s time.


    1. V –Roll Outs

    V roll outs is one of the most effective abs workout routine for those stubborn love handles. They put a lot of pressure on the oblique, making them stronger, and get firmer with due course of time.


    • Kneel down and hold the handles of the roller.
    • Roll out to your right at about 45 degrees, keeping your arms extended all throughout
    • Hold your position for 30-60 and come back to the starting position.
    • Roll towards your left, and hold for another 30-60 seconds
    • Repeat 5 times.

    This exercise has been noticed to work on the tummy muscles quite effectively.

    1. Single-Arm Roll-out

    The single arm roll out is slightly more challenging than the previous two exercises. In this exercise, the arm plays a vital role on supporting the body weight, this it is advisable to get a bit of strength training done before starting with Single Arm Roll Outs. If not, one can always start out practicing by rolling out on the knees and take it a leap forward from there.


    • Start by standing (or kneeling, in case you are just starting) and keep the roller in front of you.
    • Put your left hand on the left waist, bend, and grab the roller by your right hand.
    • Roll out slowly, to as far as you can. Focus on keeping your core engaged all throughout.
    • Hold your position for 30-60 seconds, before rolling back to the starting position.
    • Repeat the same with your left hand
    • Repeat 5 times.

    This exercise will help you build abs muscles of steel in no less than a month.


    1. One Leg Roll Out

    One Leg Roll Out is another challenging version which strengthens your calf muscles along with building your core. Doing Leg Roll Outs for 5 times a week will give you the same results as leg day in gym twice a week.

    • Keep the Abs Roller Wheel in front of your and stand with your feet apart.
    • Bend and hold the handles of the roller. Keeping the spine straight, extend your arms and roll forward, as much as you can.
    • Lift one leg in a straight line.
    • Hold the position for 30-60 seconds.
    • Roll back to the starting position and work with the other leg.
    • Repeat5 times.

    This exercise will definitely help you a visible change in the calf and core muscles within two weeks from start.


        5.  Bridge Hold

    This exercise literally looks like making a bridge of your body and holding it. It makes the spine strong, the glues firm and engages the entire core to increase its endurance. However, you will need a sort of suspension or straps to hold your feet.


    • Secure your feet in the attachment and start with the plank position.
    • Hold both the handles of the roller.
    • Now, rolling the roller slowly towards your glutes, rise your hip up. Make sure your body somewhat looks like an inverted U.
    • Hold your position for 30-60 seconds.
    • Repeat 5 times. 

    Please note that you need to do a bit of strength training before starting with this one, as without the appropriate amount of strength, your arm muscles can sprain.


         6.  Plank to Pike

    If you want to increase the strength of your calf muscles along with building your abs, this is the one for you. Please note that this exercise need a firm grasp on the ab roller handles, and thus should not be performed by beginners.

    It will also need a set of attachments for your feet, like the previous exercise


    * Secure your feet in the plank position and set yourself in a plank position. Keep your spine straight.

    * Roll out the wheel towards your front, bending your hips upwards and raising it up at the same time.

    * Hold the position for 30-45 seconds, keeping your core engaged al throughout.

    * Come back to the starting positions and exhale.

    * Repeat for 5 times.

    Exercises to get perfect abs 

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