Wall & Ceiling Anchor for Suspension Straps, Resistance Bands & Gymnastic Rings

Rs. 999.00


Suspension Strap Wall Mount is one of the important Home and Gym Accessories that are used to fix various suspension equipment. The Joyfit Suspension Mount anchor can withstand intense exercises with ease. The strong and durable build of our wall mount can withstand up to 340 kgs of effective weight. The super-strong mounting screws guarantee safe and reliable hold. Our Mount provides you with a permanent wall or ceiling fixture allowing for all indoor and outdoor suspension workout use, they are designed to fit multiple different athletes and fitness enthusiasts. 

Main Features 

  • High Quality Build- The Joyfit wall mounts are built with high-grade steel with very high tensile strength. Our wall/ceiling mount anchor can withstand intense exercises with ease. 
  • Efficient U-Shaped Design- The uniquely designed U-shaped mount of Joyfit ceiling and wall mount allows you to attach the needed straps, and swings easily. The steel plate can fix easily on any flat surface, be it the ceiling wall, vertical stud, or secure overhead beam. 
  • Optimum Size- The 90 mm diameter of the Joyfit suspension mounts with double slots to fix the mount, make it perfectly stable, and hold on to the walls and ceilings effectively. 
  • Complete Mounting Hardware- The Joyfit Wall Anchor comes with 2 pairs of screws and washers that help the anchor attach with walls effectively. Be it gym, home, indoors, or outdoors, the suspension strap wall mount can be used anywhere. 
  • Versatile Usage- The Joyfit suspension mounts provide you with a permanent wall or ceiling fixture allowing for in-home use of a suspension strap training system, resistance bands, Crossfit Olympic rings, battle ropes, Yoga Swings, or Boxing equipment. 


  • Efficient Mounting on Concrete 
  • Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Exercise
  • Easy Installation
  • Bearing Capacity up to 340 kgs

PACKAGE CONTAINS- 1 Pc Ceiling/Wall Mount, 2 Pair of Screws and Washers