Stackable Resistance Tube

Rs. 374.00 Rs. 1,000.00 -63% OFF

Resistance Levels

Black 40 Lbs Red 50 Lbs Green 30 Lbs Yellow 10 Lbs Blue 20 Lbs

Stackable Resistance Tube

Rs. 374.00 Rs. 1,000.00 -63% OFF

Resistance Levels

Black 40 Lbs Red 50 Lbs Green 30 Lbs Yellow 10 Lbs Blue 20 Lbs

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Sachin Dash
Strength misprint

Not sure if strength as online says something and actual packet says something. Colour Red: 50 lbs or 15 lbs ???


Stackable Resistance Tube With Door Anchor And Workout Chart For Toning

The Joyfit resistance tube set perfectly suits your fitness goals and helps you train Full-Body. Train on your core, back, bicep, shoulders, glutes, hamstrings, chest. This resistance tube set can be used for Pilates,CrossFit, strength training, stretching. Resistance tube comes with a 123cm tube length and 4cm thickness. The resistance tube is built with stronger Handles to support heavyweight and last longer.

Product Features

  •  Premium Material

The Joyfit resistance exercise tubes are crafted to withstand any amount of pressure to give you best-desired results. The Joyfit Resistance Toning Tube is made with 100% Natural Latex which makes it highly strong and elastic. The resistance tube is skillfully constructed and is built to last. 

  • Designed for Optimum Performance

The Joyfit Toning tubes are designed for an efficient workout. The metal hooks at the end of the tube help it attach efficiently to the handles. You can stack multiple resistance tubes together and take your resistance training up a notch. The resistance toning tubes are made thicker which prevents any wear and tear in the tube.

  • Choose Resistance Level 

Joyfit Resistance tube for workout is one-stop solution for all fitness needs. The resistance bands come with 5 resistance levels colour coded as Yellow (10 lbs), Blue (20 lbs), Green (30 lbs), Black (40 lbs), Red (50 lbs). The wide range of resistance levels helps you pick the right tube as per your capability and comfort. Whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced, you can always find the right tension level for your workouts.

  •  Flexibility

The 100% natural latex material of the Joyfit Stackable Toning tube makes it highly flexible and does not lose the tension for a long time.

  • Stackable Tube

Our resistance toning tube comes with a solid stainless steel hook which makes it stackable with other JoyFIt Toning Tubes. You can use either one or stack them together to challenge your muscles.  

  • For everyday use

The resistance tubes align perfectly with your routine exercise making it more challenging. The JoyFit carry bag included makes it easy to carry and travel with it anywhere.

  • Sturdy Door Anchor

The door anchor is made up of neoprene material and comes with a dense cushion for added support.

  • Comfortable Foam Handles

The handles of the Joyfit toning tube set designed to give a comfortable grip. The foam handles are cushioned with sweatproof and skidproof technology. 

Package Includes:

✅  1 stackable Toning tube

✅  1 Door Anchor

✅  1 workout chart

✅  2 Foam handles


Download a complete guide from here:-

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