Resistance Tube (Set of 8)

Rs. 1,999.00 Rs. 5,000.00 -61% OFF

Resistance Tube (Set of 8)

Rs. 1,999.00 Rs. 5,000.00 -61% OFF

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Product good but worst return policy .

Product is quit good but due to my some reason i want to return the product but they dont allow me to return . So worst return policy .


Resistance Tube (Set of 8) with Resistance Bands, Door Anchor,Ankle Straps,Workout Chart & Carry Bag

The Resistance Toning Tube set perfectly suits your fitness goals and helps you train Full-Body. Train on your core, back, bicep, shoulders, glutes, hamstrings, chest. This resistance tube set can be used for Pilates, CrossFit, strength training, stretching.

Product Specification 

  • Premium Quality Resistance Tubes

Joyfit resistance tubes combo is made with 100% Natural Latex. The resistance tube set is designed to withstand intense pressure and force. Resistance tube is 145cm long in total with 125cm tube only length. 

  • Stackable Resistance Tube

Joyfit resistance tubes -come as a set of 5 colour coded toning tubes. The resistance tube has different resistance levels.  Yellow 10 LBS, Blue 20 LBS, Green 30 LBS, Black 40 LBS, Red 50 LBS. Resistance Tube can be used alone, or stack used together up to 68kgs to meet your different exercise stages needs. 

  • Super Elastic Mini Band

The mini resistance bands make the workouts 3x times more effective. The pack includes 4 mini bands with varying resistance levels: Green - Light, Blue- Medium, Yellow- Heavy, and Red- Extra Heavy. . You can either use a single band or use multiple bands at the same time depending on your fitness level.Each resistance band is made of 100% natural latex which makes it highly elastic,durable. 

  • Sturdier Door Anchor

The door anchor is 26 cm long and is made up of neoprene material and comes with a dense cushion for added support. It is designed to hold up the exercise tubes during your workout.

  • Anti Slip Handles

The handles of the Joyfit toning tube set designed to give a comfortable grip. The foam handles are cushioned with sweatproof and skidproof technology.

  • Ankle Straps

The ankle straps give you freedom to perform exercises with ease, helping to tone up and improve stabilisation in the lower body muscles. The ankle straps can be fixed easily with the resistance tubes.

  • Strong Metal carabiner  

The toning tubes are designed with a strong metal carabiner at the end of the tube, which helps in easy and hassle free attachment of tubes to the handles, ankle strap. The hook makes stacking of tubes convenient. 

  • Anytime Feasible Fitness

The resistance tube set is all you need for a perfect full body workout. These toning tubes have lots of potential for different workouts and they are easy to use at home or get easily adjusted in the backpack to get in a quick stretch or exercise when needed. 

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Resistance Tube Set of 8_5
Resistance Tube Set of 8_6Resistance Tube Set of 8_7Resistance Tube Set of 8_8
Resistance Tube Set of 8_9

Package Items

This Joyfit resistance toning tubes exercise combo includes:

✅  5 colour coded toning tubes.

✅ 4 mini Resistance bands

✅  2 Foam Cushioned Handles

✅  2 Ankle Straps

✅  1 Door Anchor

✅  1 Exclusive Workout chart

✅  1 Polyester carry bag


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