7 Levels Adjustable Bench Press with Detachable Resistance Tubes and Priest Pad for Home/Gym Workout

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Joyfit Bench Press provides a perfectly adjustable base for weight training and strength training. They are irreplaceable equipment in the gym because of their versatile usage. The foldable design of the Joyfit bench press machine helps you perform exercises in 7 different level positions. You can adjust our workout bench to be flat, inclined, or declined, depending on the workout that you perform. You can use the priest pad to give that extra boost to your arms or core workout as well.  The foldable design of the bench press machine saves a lot of space and you can easily store it in your home gym or apartment. The Joyfit multi-purpose workout machine caters to men and women who wish to have professional training at home. 


  • Stable and Sturdy: The Joyfit Workout Bench has a high-grade steel frame that makes it strong and sturdy. The durable skeleton makes the bench press machine remain stable and carries a workout load up to 660lbs. 
  • Detachable Resistance Tubes: The detachable resistance tubes that come with the machine are made of pure latex and it helps add more dimensions to your workouts. 
  • Adjustable Design: The Adjustable Joyfit workout bench is designed to fit in 7 different level positions to help you meet your upper body workout requirements. 
  • Efficient Priest Pad: The priest pad that comes with our bench press machine helps you to isolate your biceps and deliver a highly efficient bicep curl workout. 
  • Versatile workout option: Target almost every upper body muscle including chest, abdominals, back, and arms through diverse workout options such as bench press, military press, dumbbell row, sit-ups, dumbbell press, etc. 
  • Easy to Store and Use: Our workout bench is extremely easy to use and perfect for workouts at home or gym. You just have to fold it to the right level, set up the priest pad if required, and start using it. 

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 Bench Press Machine with Detachable Resistance Tubes

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