Push Up Board with Resistance Tube

Rs. 1,999.00 Rs. 5,000.00 -61% OFF

Push Up Board with Resistance Tube

Rs. 1,999.00 Rs. 5,000.00 -61% OFF

Multi-Functional Push Up Rack System with Resistance Tube

Some of the most fundamental bodyweight strength exercises are push ups. Push ups help develop the necessary stamina, upper body, and core strength for intense workouts.

The Joyfit Push Up Boards come with Resistance Training Tubes that not only provide Best Optimized settings to help train the upper body but also train your lower body muscles for an effective workout.

Product Specification 

  • Multi Dimensional 10 in 1 Push Up Board

The Multi-functional system of the Joyfit Push up Boards will allow you to perform your push ups in 10 different variations, each targeted to develop a specific muscle group. You can fix the handles along the colour coded lines to hit your Chest and shoulder (Red Lines), Triceps (Green Lines) and Back (Yellow Lines) Muscles.

The slots and lines are strategically placed to efficiently train upper body muscles. The lines are colour coded to help you target the right muscle group:

Red Line: Shoulder Muscles

Yellow Line: Back Muscles

Green Line: Triceps Muscles

  • Resistance Tubes for Full Body Workout

The Resistance Tubes (10 lbs) help in training your whole-body muscles. You can perform various light exercises such as Bicep Curls, Chest Press, Hamstring Curls etc.

  • High-Quality Material 

The Joyfit Push-up board is made with high-quality ABS plastic which makes the equipment strong and durable. The handles of the Push up board are made with ABS material too for additional strength and support. The 100% natural latex of the resistance tube makes it highly elastic and maintains its flexibility for a long time. The Resistance Tubes can be attached to the Push Up Board with the help of stainless steel hooks present in the rack.The Non-slip rubber grips help keep the push up rack in place and do not slip during intense workouts.

  • Ergonomic Anti Skid Design

The Joyfit Push up board is designed for efficiency. The boards of the push up rack are made easy to detach and attach through inbuilt clips. This makes the push up highly compact and easy to store. The two heavy duty handles, conveniently attach with the given slots for push ups. The length and thickness of the resistance bands are optimized to provide a good workout. The rubber grips on the bottom keep the board from slipping while performing intense workouts

  • Whole body Workout

In addition to providing strength to the chest, shoulder, tricep and back muscles, the Joyfit Push up board gives you a proper body alignment and can effectively tone your abs and legs as well. With the Resistance Band, Add many new exercises to train your hamstrings, glutes and calves along with your upper body and abdominal muscles. The Joyfit Push up stand accurately engages all major body muscles for improved strength and definition.

  • Portable and Easy to Use

The foldable design of the Joyfit Pushup Board makes it highly compact and it can be carried around with ease. Whether you are working out in the gym or at your home, you can store our pushup exercise rack with other fitness equipment. The simple yet effective build of the Joyfit Push up board makes it very easy for use by both men and women.

  • Easy Assembly

Our Pushup Racks have a very easy assembly design and are built to give a hassle free experience.The Joyfit Push up board can be assembled easily and can also be detached after use. The compact design makes the Joyfit Push up Board easy to store and carry. The ease of use makes them suitable for usage by both men and women.

Package Contains:

✅ 1 Pushup Board

✅ 1 Rubber Grip Strap

✅ 2 Resistance Tubes (10lbs)

✅ 1 pair handles


Download a complete guide from here:-


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