Are you bored of the conventional gyms ? Are you tired of doing same form of exercises everyday? Read through this blog to know how you can step up your fitness game with the latest trends in the town.  

What comes to your mind first when you think about getting FIT or starting a new fitness regime? Is it the regular convectional Gyms with strength training, weight lifting and extensive killing cardio on treadmills, cross-trainers and others do away with crazy cardio machines?

If you are looking for something happening and interesting, then read through this blog to know how you can step up your fitness game with the latest trends in the town.  

Have you ever thought that Fitness and Fun can be two faces of the same coin..? Yes, you can actually be losing those extra calories, tone up and keep yourself Fit by doing any physical activity you love and enjoy the most. According to Fitness experts, most people are likely to stick to an exercise program in which they find pleasure and not discontentment. The idea to start a new fitness regime is to not punish your body but pamper it with the right kind of exercise and diet. 

Why Is Your Exercise Program Important…?

Choosing an ideal exercise program that suits your lifestyle, abilities and interest is necessary to maintain the Fitness streak and improve your overall health. Exercise should be something that makes you feel pumped up and excited about. The moment you feel that your workout is boring, clumsy and painful no amount of willpower and motivation will keep you going long term with it. 

Over the years the fitness industry has been revolutionized and the concept of being fit and healthy is not only limited to the traditional strength training and endless cardio session indoors but there is a lot more exciting advancement. The new era believes that fitness has to be fun, and people must enjoy doing it. The main focus is on the quality of time spent performing an activity compared to the quantity of time spent, the more you enjoy, have fun the more likely you are to continue. 

Top 3 fitness trends in 2020

The Fitness industry has witnessed many trends in the last decade with exercise programs like yoga, boxing, pilates, Zumba, aerobics, dance fitness, HIIT gaining immense popularity. Each of these exercise forms has its own style, format and level of acceptance among people. In this blog post, we will tell you about the top 3 latest Fitness Trends and its benefits.


The first one on our list out of the top 3 has to be the Pilates, the most favorite form of exercise of our very own B-town celebs. Pilates a form of exercise which strengths, tones & conditions the body particularly emphasizing the core. If the movements of Pilates are manifested properly it is bound to benefit the body in more than one way. It is known to improve flexibility, posture, balance and helps to develop control and endurance of the entire body.

Pilates was developed in the early 20th century by a German named Joseph Pilates who strongly believed that physical and mental health were connected to each other. Pilates, the art of controlled movements is based on 9 principles which clearly defines the mind-body connection involved in each of its movements. While performing pilates you are required to be constantly aware of breathing & your body movements. 

The 9 main principles which form the base of this world-famous exercise are Breathing, Concentration, Control, Centering, Flow, Postural Alignment, Precision, Relaxation & Stamina.

Pilates consists of low impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movement. Pilates can be done on yoga mat using bodyweight or using equipment like resistance bands, resistance tubes, Pilates Reformer. 



5 reasons Why You should DO Pilates..?

  1. It Improves Flexibility and muscular strength.
  2. Tones the body particularly the abdominal muscles.Great for weight loss.
  3. It helps in relieving back & joint pain and conditions the body.
  4. It is great for mental health and helps you to increase focus.
  5. Great for improving endurance, energy & posture.

How You can start with Pilates…?

  1. Choose from either Doing it at home or by joining a class.
  2. If you choose to do it at home, get a yoga mat to lie on a flat surface and turn on any beginner's video on YouTube & get going. Kill it! Get those crisp ABs!
  3. Preferably sign up for a  pilates reformer class to avail the amazing benefits of the reformer machine. 

Dance Fitness

The second on the list is Dance Fitness. The most fun-filled physical activity. There is loud music, high energy, exciting moves to keep your spirits high through the session. Dance Fitness is enjoyed by people of all fitness levels and all ages. Who would probably won’t like to shake a leg and burn off those calories…? We all do love it..!

Dance Fitness is a group exercise class. The choreography is a mixture of international, regional and Bollywood forms of dance. A usual dance fitness class is about an hour and sure to leave you sweating at the end of it. High intensity is maintained throughout the session which keeps the heart pumping high. It’s a great way to improve your cardiovascular health. 

Dancing is simply fun and relaxing. It is a perfect way to let go of all the stress, relax your mind & feel good. Dancing is not only great for your heart health but also does wonders for your overall well being. If you are looking for a fun way to lose weight and improve stamina then Dance fitness should surely be included in your 2020 fitness to-do-list. 


dance fitness


5 reasons Why You should Dance..?

  1. Aids in weight loss by burning more calories.
  2. It helps to improve cardiovascular health and conditions the lungs.
  3. Boost stamina and endurance levels.
  4. Reduces stress & diminishes depression.
  5. Great way to socialize and improve self-confidence.

How You can start with Dance Fitness…?

  1. Enroll yourself into a nearby Dance Fitness center, attend classes for a minimum of 3-4 days a week.
  2. If you wish to do it at home, turn on those speakers, play your favorite music, invite your friends in and get going.


The last on the list has to be HIIT. It stands for High Interval Intensity Training. As the name suggests this form of exercise involves short periods of intense training alternated with short recovery periods. This is proven to be the most effective form of workout to achieve maximum results in minimum time. HIIT is best suitable for those who are tied up always and cannot devote much time to exercise. 

HIIT consists of an intense circuit combining exercises that engage the entire body. A general circuit includes bodyweight exercises like Push-ups, Jumping jacks, mountain climbers, pulse squat, etc., & exercise with weights like kettlebell swings, bicep curls, slams using battle ropes, etc., abs exercise like crunches, V Sit-Ups so on… The best part of HIIT is that there is no restriction as to what you want to add into your circuit, you can customize it according to your requirements. HIIT is sure to leave your heart rate racing for a good 30-40 mins.

HIIT is gaining popularity these days due to its amazing benefits, one such boon is the EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) effect. Through this effect, the body burns calories not only during the workout but also post-workout. Due to the intense form of workout, the muscles are deprived of oxygen & the body gets too exhausted, during the recovery period(post-workout) the body replaces energy and repairs muscle protein damaged during the workout. HIIT is one form of exercise you must definitely try this year.




5 reasons Why You should try HIIT..?

  1. It boosts metabolism and burns more fat in the least time.
  2. Strengths cardiovascular activity and boost endurance levels.
  3. It increases the oxygen level in the body & improves blood circulation.
  4. An excellent way to lose weight when short on time. 
  5. It helps build muscle mass and tones the body.  

How You can start with HIIT…? 

  1. HIIT can be done anywhere and anytime. Choose what suits you best. Devote a minimum of 30 to 40 mins each day and gift your body with amazing results.
  2. To do HIIT at home, choose a series of cardio exercises which include exercise for the core, any main muscle(back, legs, glutes, arms, shoulders), cardio bodyweight exercises and make your own circuit. Repeat this circuit for a minimum 3 times without taking longer rest periods in between. Push yourself to complete the entire circuit and do not give up.

Take away…

In today’s busy lifestyle we usually tend to neglect our health and prioritize other umpteen things, when our health should be given the utmost care. Performing any physical activity for at least an hour every day is so beneficial to our body. With the change in Fitness trends and evolution of many fun & zestful exercise formats being fit has become easier and more exciting than ever. What more are you waiting for? Choose any of the above in trend exercise formats to get going! Burn those calories with FUN.