Everything you need to know about how to become a runner

Running can do wonders to your body. It is a great start on your fitness journey. Running is the best form of exercise to start off with, do it anywhere, anytime and get benefitted. It is the best gift you can give yourself every day.With all these tips and guides in hand, Unlock your true potential and get, set goo!
Tips to become runner

Decided to get fit and healthy? Confused about choosing a fitness routine? What better than running! Running can do wonders to your body. It is a great start on your fitness journey.

Running is the best form of exercise to start off with, do it anywhere, anytime and get benefitted. It is a simple, easy and fun way to get fit. It helps to burn more calories, improve overall health, boost stamina and endurance levels. 

Do you dream of running a good, energetic long run? But are not able to achieve it because of some hurdles your way. Adding running as a part of your daily routine makes you horrified more than happy? Then, read this article to improve and enjoy your running.

Why is Running simply Best?

how to become a runner

Running is one exercise you need to make your life better. It is beneficial to both mental and physical health. A 30-minute run every day keeps you healthy, hale and happening, all you need to do is lace up your running shoes and get going…

5 most important Running Benefits you should know 

  • Running is Cardio Vascular

It is a form of aerobic exercise that keeps the heart rate high and improves cardiovascular health. It boosts blood circulation and builds stamina. It’s proven to be great for heart health and lowers the levels of cholesterol.
  • Running makes you happy

Running alleviates mood and fills the body with positive energy.  When we run, our brain pumps feel-good hormones known as endorphins, a cannabis-like chemical which makes runner’s high. This high will keep the runners happy and cheerful.

  • Running prolongs life 

Running is proven to add years to your life. An hour of running can add up to seven hours to one’s life span. It makes the body immune to various diseases including cancer. According to researchers runners have a 30-40 per cent lower risk of all-cause mortality. 

  • Running helps to lose weight

Running is a great way to burn off those calories. Running burns most calories when compared to any form of exercise. An average hour of intense running can burn up to 500 calories. It also burns calories post running session making it ideal for weight loss.

  • Running relieves stress 

Running makes the body more resistant to stress. It an excellent anti-depressant, forcing the body to exert excess energy and hormones. It improves sleep quality, sharpens memory, helps develop better focus.

How Running makes you FAB and FIT 

Now, as you know the various benefits of running regularly, make it a Habit & love doing it. But before you get started with running & match the pace of other runners, follow these guidelines to maximise your run.

Tips every New runner should know 

  • Before you start always warm-up

How to become a runner

It is always necessary to warm up your body before exercising to activate your muscles and improve mobility. Engage your body with moves like spot jogs, butt kicks, mountain climbers, jumping jacks for 10-15mins including stretching of hamstrings & calves.   

  • Follow the Run- Walk Method

The technique of running is important when you have just started running. It is required for you to follow the run-walk method initially so that the body can get used to the new routine. This method reduces the risk of injury. You can start with two minutes of running & five minutes of walking & then gradually increase the duration of the run.  
  • Run slow and shorter steps

When you are a beginner it is always tempting to go “all-out”, take long & fast runs, clock the best time duration and so on… but it is necessary to slow down and take it easy. Take shorter steps and run with a relaxed and proper form to make it more effective and safe.
  • Set an achievable goal 

You can't become a runner in a day or two. It takes a decent amount of practice and dedication. You will need to gradually build up your endurance levels. To achieve this set tangible goals for yourself. The goals can be to:

  1. To run faster than last week.
  2. To cover more distance than yesterday.
  3. To complete a 5k run faster than last month.
  4. To reduce the duration of rest intervals.
  5. To improve the running form/posture. 
  • Stay Motivated

It is easy to give up any activity that is started without a purpose. So before you start running make sure you know the purpose well and mentally prepare yourself. Injuries, pain & muscle soreness are a part of the journey and make sure they don’t discourage you. Always remember “When your legs get tired running, Run from your heart”.

The perfect way to Run…

While running the body posture is the key, it can either benefit or worst the body condition. A Bad running posture invites the risk of injuries and pains. 

Improve your posture by following these simple steps:

Step 1 : Keep your mind clear and focused 

Step 2 : Keep a relaxed Stance.

Step 3 : Keep your shoulders & arms relaxed while keeping your back straight. 

Step 4 : Keep your head and neck relaxed.

Step 5 : Keep breathing steadily and deeply (either from nose or mouth).

Step 6 : Keep your elbows close to the body at around a 90-degree angle.

Step 7 : Keep swinging each to & fro in time with the opposite leg.

Step 8 : Keep your hips forward & land your mid-sole first followed by the front of the toes.

Step 9 : Always look straight and never look down at your feet.

Step 10 : Get a comfortable pair of running shoes and stay hydrated.

Can Running be Fun? 

 How to become a runner

Yess!! Running can be a lot of Fun and Exciting, as long as you don’t feel it as a burden to your daily routine. While burning those calories running will instantly lift up your mood and gives you an energetic start for the day or helps you let go of the stress at the end of the day. 

Running is the best way to get fit and healthy and enjoy every bit of the process. Running boosts the immunity levels of the body, strengthens joints and bones, tones up the body & works amazingly on the core. It perfectly suits any fitness level and does not need a whole lot of instruments. 

Running is said to be a form of meditation, it's a perfect time to zen out your emotions and thoughts. A good run can help you feel insightful and refreshing. 

Make the most out of your run by following a few fun tips.

Tip 1:  Download an app which supports running or has guided running plans(examples: Nike run pro, Charity miles, Runkeeper, Couch to 5k)

Tip 2: Prefer Wearing Fitness watches, gadgets to track your runs. 

Tip 3: Join the runners’ community, groups, clubs.

Tip 4: Run with a partner or pet.

Tip 5: Explore new places every day.

Tip 6: Plugin earphones & Listen to your favourite music.

Tip 7: Challenge your own self & stay committed.

Running on Treadmill Vs Outdoors, which is better?

Running on treadmill

When you are new to running it is often confusing to choose between treadmill and Outdoors. The debate of which is better is never-ending and has been raging for years. The ideal choice should be based only on one’s preference. If you like to run amidst nature and like fresh air then outdoors is best for you. If you like to sweat it out over a moving rubber belt then prefer treadmills.

Check out this comparison below to help you choose your running routine. 




Burns Calories 



More Muscle Activation 


More Safer for Joints & Bones 


Battling weather issues 


Ease of access & very cheap 


Easy to run Faster 


Varied Running Programs 


Easy to Track 


Enhanced Mood Boost 


Ease of Socialising 


More Challenging 


Fun & Enjoyment 



Run harder, faster But with Safety 

Running is a full-body workout. It engages every muscle of the body with the core being the control centre. The risk of injury is high if the right precautions are not taken. Running stresses out the leg muscles and knee joints, so it is important to use the right safety gears. Wearing the right shoes is utmost important to have a comfortable, pain-free run.

As we talk about safety while running , what we hear the most is about knee braces.

What is a knee brace?

Knee braces are supports to be worn when you have  knee pain, and also used by some people to avoid injuries during sports.

Should you wear a knee brace while running?

Knee sleeve while running

There is no definite answer to this question , as there is no proof for this.

However, if you have any discomfort it is advisable to wear a knee brace. Many athletes, runners and weightlifters wear knee braces to protect their knees from high intensity workouts.

It is also recommended to protect your knee joints against the body pressure while running. Using a supportive knee brace or knee cap to support the knee makes running more effective and efficient. Click on the link to check Joyfit’s super supportive and comfortable knee brace designed to make running pain-free.


Running is the best gift you can give yourself every day. With all these tips and guides in hand, what more are you waiting for? Unlock your true potential and get, set goo!

tips to become a runner


Run Right, Run Fast, Run Safe.

“One Run can change your day, many Runs can Change your Life”