Lose Weight and Gain Muscle at Home. Know-How?
Pull up bars allows you to work all of your pull muscles - back&biceps. It's one of the most convenient exercises you can stick to. All you need is a strong pull up bar and your own arms and the trick's done. 

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Pull ups are one of the most beneficial workout choices ever because it's one of those exercises that lets you work on several muscle groups at once. Also, it's one of the best body weight exercises that focuses on toning your upper body shape and strength.

With regular pull up exercises, you can be assured of a good/improved grip strength which comes handy in your everyday life. The weight loss that comes with pull ups is another added advantage. It does not focus only on your waist or a particular part of your body, it works on your whole body and helps you shed weight effectively. This way, it's also a good cardio workout recourse.

As pull ups concentrate on the back and core strength, it will improve posture, reduce back pain and add core strength which is good for your spine. Furthermore, pull ups can prevent and reverse muscular imbalances that can occur from overuse of push body movement exercises. 

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Pull ups are as much a mental exercise as it's physical. With regular practice, pull ups will change your can'ts to cans and won'ts to wills.! Doing any form of exercise causes your brain to release chemicals known as endorphins, of which serotonin is the most important. Serotonin is a feel happy chemical that gives you a sense of elation and happiness, plus it can also help fight mood swings, depression, and anxiety too. Another chemical that gets released in your brain thanks to exercise is something known as an endocannabinoid, which is something that makes you feel happier, more relaxed, and also contributes to feeling less pain. So, pull ups helps you lighten up and go with a good mood all day.!

Summing up, the Pull up bars are one of your best options for strength training and abs exercises. Its the first thing that should positively pop in your mind if you need a vigorous workout session to work on several muscle groups at once. The benefits of pull ups include but are not limited to : Upper Body Toning, Weight loss, Mood Enhancing, Increased Flexibility, Efficiency, Convenience, and Reversing Muscular Imbalances. Include pull up bars in your fitness training sessions to improve your flexibility, stamina and strength. 

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