Has the Tech-bug bitten you hard?Have ever wondered if your phone can make your fitness journey interesting, trackable? It can perfectly comply with your fitness goals and help you achieve them. All you gotta do is download an App which suits best for your fitness goals and get going…   
Best fitness apps 2019

Has the Tech-bug bitten you hard and you can’t let go off your most favourite possession “the smartphone”? Are you hooked with it 24*7? Imagining life without it seems like a disaster? 

Ah, well then you are not alone who feels incomplete without a mobile phone, in the modern era we humans are ruled by our mobile phones, our life is misery without one! We use it for almost everything under the roof, be it chatting, shopping, transacting & what not...

Have ever wondered if your mobile phone can make your fitness journey interesting, trackable & motivating…? It can perfectly comply with your fitness goals and help you achieve them. All you gotta do is download an App which suits best for your fitness goals and get going…   

Keep reading to know how you can get started with this...


Why do you need an App for Fitness?    

In modern-day life, we try and push ourselves to make everything around us perfect be it personal or professional, we constantly run round the clock to achieve the tag of perfection, but lack to take care of ourselves. We often neglect to listen to our body’s requirement and in return, our bodies give up on us and become a bag full of diseases. It is crucial to take care of our body and understand its needs to lead a healthier and happier life.

As technology is advancing day to day, human life is made more convenient than ever. Our smartphones come to our rescue each time, be it taking care of our boredom, answering all our questions, connecting us with our loved ones and the list goes on & on… 

The invention of smartphones has revolutionalised almost every single thing related to humans. The technology bug has also changed the Fitness industry for good, making it more accessible, affordable, simpler, more interesting than ever! With a few clicks, you can get your health right back on track. Yes, the fitness apps are here to make your life easy and help you get a hang of a fitness routine.

How can a Fitness App help you?

A simple fitness app can transform your life by helping you achieve your fitness goals. The app assists you to set a fitness goal according to your level of fitness, track your progress and constantly improve your performance. Fitness apps perform many functions to help you achieve desired results like tracking your activity, calorie intake, sleep duration, notifying with timely reminders and monitoring your health with progress reports. 

A fitness app is more like your personalised trainer who helps you develop healthy habits over a period of time. By downloading a good fitness app you are also saving up on money spent on expensive gyms and fitness centres, you also can eliminate “no time for workout” excuse and start focusing towards a happening, healthier, happier lifestyle.

5 major reasons mobile Fitness Apps improve your overall health 

  1. Apps personalise the experience with customised plans according to fitness levels.
  2. Apps provide a tracking system to record steps, calories burnt/consumed, hours slept & progress report to monitor developments.
  3. Apps help out to get a creative workout regime to follow individually or in live group classes.
  4. Apps have the system of push notifications to remind of the goals set and constantly improve.
  5. Apps create a healthy competition with like-minded people and help build a community which motivates in achieving goals.   

Top 5 best fitness Apps in 2019

With so many Fitness apps available to choose from, it's always a tricky decision to make. Before you fall down the rabbit hole(app store/google play store) and get confused as to which app suits you the best, we have listed out 5 best performing apps that perfectly suit every fitness level & different aspects of Fitness. 


  • App for Tracking Activity: Charity Miles  

Charity Miles is a free app that tracks your activity, in terms of the number of steps walked in a day, the distance covered while running, bicycling. It also keeps a track of the time taken to complete an activity & also monitors the heart rate while doing an activity if synced with a  heart rate monitor. The best part about this app is that it donates money to the organization of your choice when you use the app to log your activity. It enables you to earn money for charity whenever you walk, run or bike. This is an innovative way to raise funds for charity while achieving your fitness goals. 

Download this app to track your activity & feel better knowing that when you make a movement someone is getting benefited for sure! Well, that must be motivating enough to move more.


 Main Features 

  1. It tracks steps, running, cycling  distance covered and time taken
  2. It can be synced with wearable gadgets to track the heart rate while doing an activity. 
  3. It is available both on IOS & Android. Free to download.

Charity Miles : Best Fitness apps 2019


  • App For Tracking Nutrition: Healthifyme 


Healthifyme is a nutrition tracking app, crafted in India that helps you to balance your food intake all through the day. It is all in one health and fitness tracker app, it tracks the calorie intake, steps walked, calories burnt during a workout session. One unique feature of this app is that it tracks total water intake in a day and notifies when you are falling short to complete the water intake goal for the day. This app is a solution to all your health & fitness needs. 

The app helps you set targets either for weight loss/weight gain or to maintain the same weight. It customises the daily calorie intake and calorie burn according to your goal setting. The free version of the app keeps a check of your macros and suggests which vitamin & nutrient you are lacking. The app also has an informative blogs section with articles penned down by well know nutritionists, transformation stories by the community members. Although the premium version of the app comes with the umpteen benefits from getting a customised meal plan from a certified nutritionist to an exercise routine from well-known fitness experts.


Main Features 

  1. It tracks calorie intake and is designed especially for counting calories of Indian cuisines. It is a renowned app for weight loss.
  2. It can be synced with wearable gadgets to track the heart rate while doing an activity.
  3. Push notifications with timely reminders to drink water & have meals on time.
  4. Available on both IOS and Android.
Healthily me - Best Fitness Apps 2019
  • App for Outdoor Cardio/Workouts: Nike Run club/ Nike Training club


Nike run club app is your perfect running partner. The app is equipped with tools to make running a better experience for all its members. It tracks the runs via GPS, provides audio-guided runs where, Nike Coaches & Athletes like Kevin Hart & Mo Farha guide, inspire and motivate runners to improve their strength, endurance & speed. The app assists you with a personalised coaching plan that perfectly suits your goals and fitness levels. Track and share your runs with your friends and compete with the leaderboards, take weekly challenges, collect badges & trophies to celebrate your achievements. This is an excellent way to constantly motivate your performance.


Main Features

  1. Tracks and supports runs
  2. Personalised Coaching Plans
  3. Syncs with wearable gadgets  
  4. Customizable post-run sharing reports
  5. Available on IOS and Android

Nike Run : Best fitness apps 2019

Nike Training App

This app is all you need to make your fitness game stronger than ever! The top-notch app features workout videos designed by professional trainers & athletes. The app streams more than 180 routines in categories like yoga, strength, endurance and mobility. The workout sessions range from 15 to 45 mins with a trainer showing the move and a voice-over giving instructions and announcing the time. The app has exercises for bodyweight workouts to full-equipment exercises. You can customise your workout plan and duration according to your fitness level. Download this personalised uninterrupted trainer to smash your fitness goals anywhere & anytime, in short Just do it!

Main Features

  1. Includes Free workouts in all categories like yoga, strength, endurance & mobility. 
  2. Bodypart focused workouts targeting each muscle like back, shoulders, chest, core, legs & glutes.
  3. Tracks activity, runs and syncs well with wearable gadgets
  4. Guided personalised training sessions
  5. Available on Android and IOS.  

Nike training App : Best Fitness Apps 2019


  • App for Challenge Based program: 30-day Fitness Challenge 


30-day Fitness Challenge app is an exciting way to accomplish your fitness goals by completing each challenge day-by-day for a total of 30 days. The app streams guided workout videos to work on every major muscle group in your body every day. The structure of the fitness plan helps to improve your fitness, endurance levels, tone your body and shed a few pounds. When you have a new challenge each day to fulfil you are less likely to get bored with your workouts and give it a miss. Take this 30 days challenge and transform yourself. 

Main Features 

  1. Trainer guided workouts anywhere & anytime.
  2. Reports to track your workout history and progress
  3. Suitable for all fitness levels.
  4. Bodyweight workout programs targeting core, back, glutes, legs & chest.
  5. Available on Android & IOS.

30 day fitness Challenge : Best Fitness Apps 2019  

  • App for Stress Relief and Motivation: Headspace 

Mental health is an integral part of overall healthy well being. We should not focus only on physical health but also give utmost importance to our mental health. In today’s world trying to strive for a balance between work & personal life, it's hard to maintain a clear calm mind & stress-free life. Stress & anxiety have become a byproduct for us trying to achieve multiple goals at a time, hence it becomes so important to clear out your mind and let go of all the stress. 

Headspace is an app structured to help you relax with guided meditation and mindfulness techniques. The app has themed sessions for stress & anxiety relief & to help you sleep and focus better. The duration of meditation sessions ranges from 3 to 30 minutes. The app also features an SOS session to help you skillfully manage moments of panic or anxiety. It has an animation library full of tips and helpful advice to keep your practice on track and improve your mental health.    

Main features 

  1. Guided meditations on subjects like focus, exercise and sleep.
  2. Track your progress & time spent meditating.
  3. “Mindful Moments” to keep you present throughout the day. 
  4. 2-3 minutes mini-meditations for quick mental rest.
  5. Available on Android and IOS. 
Headspace : Best Fitness Apps 2019

Take Away... 

      The modern-day fitness equation,

              Sweats+Sneakers+Smartphones = Fit You!


As technology is advancing it is easier to be fit than ever, with expert guidance just a few taps away! We are solely responsible for our health, either we make it or break it. With smartphones making everything so simple & easily accessible, all you need to do so is to take time out, motivate yourself and constantly strive to improve. A little push every day will definitely help you reach your dream fitness goals.